HDR Gaming on the Xbox One S Review (and Samsung KS8000 TV HDR Settings)


HDR gaming has been hotly anticipated (at least by me) since new of the Xbox One S broke but only recently did the first HDR games start hitting the market. One of the first, Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate, made for the perfect HDR gaming test subject and I have to say it was very enjoyable.

Before we get too far let me breakdown my HDR gaming setup and settings to give you a better idea of how I tested FH3 and so that you can get setup yourself if you have a similar TV.

For this review I hooked the Xbox One S up to my Samsung KS8000 which supports HDR10 (if you didn’t know there are a couple HDR formats but the Xbox One S requires a TV with HDR10 to play/show HDR content).

The Xbox One S does a good job auto-detecting the capabilities of the TV you’re connecting it to. You can check to see if your setup is good to go and if you have the proper settings in place by checkin the taking a peek at picture output and then advanced under settings on your Xbox. If things look good you’ll see nothing but green check marks lettings you know you’re connected to a TV that supports HDR and 4K.

On the TV side of things I went with ...

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