What is Apple TV? A Premium Streaming TV Box with Budget Specs


I used to love my new 4th generation Apple TV. Now I simply like it. It may sound like a negligible difference, but I feel like Apple has really dropped the ball with this product — especially in light of the recently announced Chromecast Ultra which is jam-packed with the latest features and costs a fraction of the price.

Apple TV apps are what the platform really has going for it (the best Sling TV experience, for instance). Combined with a sleek, easy-to-use interface and a decent (sometimes wonky) remote, it’s a solid streaming TV box. Kind of.

Actually, apps aside, it’s priced like a premium streaming TV box even though it only has budget specs. The newest Apple TV can’t play 4K content. I was willing to forgive that, I guess, because content from from the amazing app selection mostly looked good enough on my Samsung KS8000 TV. But the more I experience HDR content the more I wonder why I paid nearly $200 for an Apple TV.

HDR is awesome. I love playing HDR games (see my Xbox One S HDR gaming review) and HDR video is really spectacular (see my HDR split-screen comparison video). It can be legitimately tricky to see the difference between 4K and regular 1080p HD content in many cases, but HDR ...

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