Apple Watch Band: 3 AWESOME 3rd Party Accessories


I don’t try to hide the fact that I love the Apple Watch (here’s why I think you should buy one). One of the fun details about the Apple Watch is the fact that you can switch out bands whenever you’d like to which helps to keep things from getting boring. Problem is… there are a lot of third party Apple Watch bands third party Apple Watch bands to choose from and they aren’t all great.

I’ve tried a lot of Apple Watch bands (I got in with the original Apple Watch) and have definitely developed some preferences. So when the new Series 1 and Series 2 models debuted I decided it was time to make some great recommendations based on my taste and experience to help you avoid getting a lemon, to help you discover some options you might not have known about otherwise and finally to show you (via the video) what they are actually like instead of just giving you a picture.

I should mention here that I also covered the Nomad Strap band for the Apple Watch recently and that is a very stylish, high-quality band as well — definitely worth checking into if you haven’t yet. Alright, let’s go.

Juuk Locarno — $245


The Juuk Locarno (a new version of which is on Kickstarter right now) has an amazing ...

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