Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus Review (Upgrading from the iPhone 6s)


Each new iPhone is special and significant to me because (like many people) it’s the phone that I rely on and use day after day, year after year. So I was incredibly excited to review the new iPhone 7 Plus (especially in the hard to get Jet Black) and now that I’ve been living with it for awhile I haven’t been disappointed.

I’m going to switch things up for this review and stick the conclusion right here instead of at the end. The iPhone 7 Plus isn’t revolutionary (that’s for sure). But it’s a delightfully solid and reliable workhorse of a phone that I’m most definitely going to enjoy using throughout the next year (until the iPhone 8 — or iPhone 10 as it just might be called if the rumors are true — comes out). In the end the iPhone 7 Plus turns out to be a nice mix of the familiar with just enough new flair to hold out for one more year for a complete redesign.

Jet Black

Let’s talk about that Jet Black first. First off, it was hard to get ahold of (even though I preordered, which was kind of a disaster through T-Mobile). But now that I’ve got it in my hands I love the way it looks — it’s even cooler in person than it is in videos. ...

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