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Reviewers Love Battlefield 1: Battlefield 1 — the 15th installment in the Battlefield series which is this time set in WW1 — has been getting rave reviews. Polygon says that the impressive, risk-taking game “Succeeds far beyond expencations” and that this is the best Battlefield game in 6 years. Multiplayer sounds like it’s solid too which is good to know since that’s always my favorite part of almost any game. Source

E-Receipts Threaten Your Privacy: More and more stores are trying to get customers to signup for email receipts and it’s not an effort to save paper. Actually, stores want to track people: they want to track trending products, buying history and even a customer’s movements within a store.  I actually have a lot to say about this: look for an article on Target and privacy coming soon. Source

Samsung’s Updated Surface Competitor: The Galaxy TabPro S Gold Edition is Samsung’s Windows-powered Surface alternative. The device just got double the memory and now comes with up to 256GB of storage on top of a new gold look. It now costs $1,000 — which is $200 more than it used to — and it’s hard to imagine people getting too excited about that price hike. Source

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