Wireless Mice: The 25 Best


It’s true that touch screens have never been more important in our everyday and working lives but it’s equally true that computer mice — especially wireless mice — continue to be integral to the way we get things done. Yep, the humble wireless mouse is an enduring staple of our digital lives and choosing the best one can make us more productive and less frustrated. But how to you choose the best one?

There are several things to consider: price, the platform you are using the wireless mouse with (Windows or MacOS), ergonomics, the amount of buttons and how customizable a mouse is, the design, the size and portability, what surfaces the mouse will (and won’t) work on and so on. Especially important is the type of work you’ll be doing — are you a video editor, a designer, a casual web surfer or an executive? The best mouse for one type of person isn’t necessarily the best for others.

If you’re just interested in seeing the list of the 25 best wireless mice then scroll down a bit and you’ll hit it. If you want some context and guidance for making the best decision then keep reading.

Features vs Pricing in Wireless Mice

Let’s start with cost as the price of wireless mice ranges drastically. You’ll find cheap mice for ...

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