DailyTekk Founder and Chief Adventurer Chris McConnell.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you cross-pollinate a technology blog with travel and lifestyle content, look no further than DailyTekk. Founded in January 2012 by tech and adventure-loving designer-turned-writer Chris McConnell to record his technology-related thoughts, experiences and recommendations, DailyTekk continues to reach new heights and break new ground.

Chris is blessed with an ever-growing audience as the wider-world continues to take note of his work. Chris recently appeared as a panelist on HuffPost Live, was quoted in Bloomberg Businessweek (both digital and print editions), wrote a post that cracked the coveted homepage of Y Combinator’s Hacker News and had articles linked to by The New York Times and The Guardian. Additionally, his reach is amplified to millions of people outside his immediate circle as high-powered social media influencers and celebrities like Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, angel investor and former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki, actor/musician Jared Leto and professional football player Malcolm Jenkins discover and share his articles.

Thanks to this influence, Chris has had the opportunity to craft sponsored content for many of the world’s largest and most respected technology brands including eBay, Microsoft, Bose and HTC. World-class brands also engage Chris’ audience through advertising partner SAY Media whose technology channel DailyTekk is a part of alongside other premium publishers like ReadWrite and Gear Patrol.


Chris appeared on a HuffPost Live segment hosted by New York Times best-selling author Nancy Redd in February 2014.

Chris’ collaboration with SAY Media runs deeper than a mere advertising partnership as he often contributes to ReadWrite, a SAY-owned brand with over a million Twitter followers. In fact, Chris has written multiple “hit” articles for the site that have earned more than 15k social shares—individually. But that’s nothing compared to the half million shares garnered by an article Chris published at his digital home—DailyTekk.

Since 2012, Chris has produced a wildy-popular, explosively-viral and hotly-anticipated annual list of what he considers to be the 100 best new blogs and websites which has earned him a spot as one of the Internet’s ranking taste-makers. Categorized and thoroughly researched, each list is the culmination of a year-long hunt comprising dozens of hours of research. Googling “best new websites” will let you see how high the list ranks each year.

As a self-starter who dreams big and enjoys collaborating with interesting people, Chris has found himself in the midst of many intriguing conversations. Equally in his element interviewing a rock star or a former congressman and national championship coach, Chris has a knack for connecting with interesting sources and storytellers. In fact, a number of interesting people have contributed content to DailyTekk including Creative Commons CEO and TED speaker Ryan Merkley and social media influencer Ann Tran.

In mid-2014, Chris expanded DailyTekk’s scope to include two new areas of focus in addition to technology: travel and living. From Europe to the Carribean and from Los Angelas to NYC, Chris has had the opportunity to travel to many interested locations. Realizing his passion for exploring new places and experiencing new things meshed perfectly with the kind of gear and startups he already enjoyed writing about on DailyTekk, Chris decided to become a professional adventurer… pioneering a brand new advertising model dubbed “Tangibly Native” in the process.

Desiring to leave the world and it’s inhabitants in a better place, Chris and his wife (and co-conspirator) crafted the following mission statement for DailyTekk heading into 2015: To demonstrate what it takes to live a positive, passionate, meaningful, productive and happy life regardless of one’s position or means. What does that have to do with technology? You’ll have to add DailyTekk to your Flipboard feed or follow @DailyTekk on Twitter to find out.


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