Founded January, 2012, DailyTekk is a consumer technology blog that covers breakout consumer technologies.

Founder & History

chris-headshot-webHi. I’m Chris. I basically am DailyTekk. I’m the founder, editor, designer… you name it. I don’t work at a tech company and I’m not a member of the official “tech press.” I started this site because I wanted to keep track of the cool technology I ran into on a daily basis and share it with my friends and coworkers. That was back in January of 2012. I guess a lot of people liked what I was doing because DailyTekk has come a long way since then. Brands like Microsoft, eBay and Bose have since sponsored the site. This article has been shared on social channels by over 600k people alone. Professors at multiple universities have used DailyTekk material as part of classroom material. Pro athletes have tweeted out my content and rock stars like Jared Let of 30 Seconds to Mars have re-blogged it. Yep, it’s been pretty fun so far. DailyTekk’s traffic currently hovers between 400-500k views per month according to CloudFlare. So that’s the back story. Feel free to get in touch and thanks for reading!

Who Links to DailyTekk?

DailyTekk has been linked to by mainstream media outlets like The New York Times, The Guardian and Bloomberg News.

Have Any Major Brands Sponsored DailyTekk?

Yes. Microsoft, Bose and eBay Electronics to name a few. We always disclose sponsored content and relationships.

Do Influencers Read DailyTekk?

Definitely. From chief executive officers to tech founders to pro athletes to actors, DailyTekk’s content is widely read. For example, actor/musician Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars reblogged a philosophical article I wrote. Not only do celebrities read DailyTekk, some (like Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, Mozilla COO Ryan Merkely and social media powerhouse Ann Tran) have contributed content. In fact, Automattic, the company behind WordPress, links to a DailyTekk interview on their recruiting page.

Has DailyTekk Ever Been On The Homepage of Y Combinator’s Hacker News?

Yes. My list of 100 tools for coders and developers was featured on the Hacker News homepage.

Does Chris Write Elsewhere Around the Web?

From time to time. Chris has contributed to sites like ReadWrite, WebDesignerDepot, the eBay Electronics Blog and many more. Additionally, Chris runs Climbur, a site for tech entrepreneurs.