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The 10 Best New Gadgets, Apps and Startups This Week (Pictures) – 10/9/15

Every single week we roundup the best new gadgets, apps and tech startups. But just because we’ve carefully narrowed it down to 10, that doesn’t mean that this is all the wider technology world announced or unveiled since last Friday. This is just the stuff we thought you, the not-so-average consumer, would want to know […]


Find the Best Remote Tech Jobs: The Top 12 New Resources

So you want to find the best remote tech job possible, eh? Well DailyTekk wants you to as well because, after all, it’s you (and people like you) that make the amazing products we cover here on DailyTekk. We wouldn’t have fun and useful gadgets and apps and startups/services if it weren’t for the talented […]


Make More Money: 45+ Surprising, Legit Ways to Make Money Online

Are you an expert? Feel like sharing that knowledge with the world? You can make money online. Do you take interesting pictures with your smartphone? You can make money online. Do you have an extra room to rent out? You can make money online. Do you have stuff laying around your house that you don’t […]


21 Exhilarating Monthly Subscription Packs for Men, Women, Families and Foodies

Almost everyday feels like Christmas around our office. Why? Because we get to open fun and exciting packages full of surprising tech goodies companies send us to review. The best new phones, speakers, tablets, watches, VR gear and various other tech accessories arrive en masse at our UPS box and the endorphins start flowing the […]


Cell Phone Insurance: Protect Your Smartphone for $5.99/mo (Wherever You Bought It)

I’m hard on cell phones — are you? My everyday, go-to phone is the iPhone, but being a tech reviewer there are Android devices laying around and being shipped in for review all the time. I’m hard on them too. I have to be. Life isn’t a pillowy soft experience; if you drop your phone […]


Trinity Delta Hybrid Headphones Review: Changeable Filters for Different Sounds

When you review a lot of headphones there’s a tendency for them to all begin blending together. After a certain price point headphones are just going to sound good (well, good enough). What tends to separate decent headphones is the design and tuning; how they look and how they handle specific sounds. So it’s great […]


Review: Stainless Steel Link Bracelet Apple Watch Band from Ultra Case

Growing up I thought of watches as metal. To me, there weren’t any other kinds of watches (at least none that were cool). I knew that Rolex made watches with metal bands and so did Fossil (which the kids around my school had chosen as the brand of choice). Fast forward to 2015 and watches […]


Kanex iPhone Dock Review

iPhone docks are important. They’re better than cords for charging phones on desks and nightstands or anywhere where a person might want to see the phone’s screen easily while it powers-up. And if you haven’t yet seen the Kanex iPhone dock, it’s worth a look. I’m a big fan of many of the products produced […]


BatteryBox: The Portable Battery for Your Mac You’ve Always Wanted (Review)

Given Apple’s obsession with crafting ever thinner devices year after year, there’s a good chance that people who get work done away from an office or dorm room are going to be locked in battles over coveted outlets at airports and coffee shops. Well, maybe not iPhone users; there are plenty of portable power options […]

Are You Backing Up Your Data?

It is virtually critical to continuously backup all your data. All information is vulnerable; there is nothing completely safe in a personal computer. There is a high risk of losing valuable information at any time without warning. Data Loss  There are many ways to cause data loss: Viruses and Malware – Many businesses have been […]


3 Apps that will Automatically Edit Your GoPro Footage into Sick Final Cuts

Action movies are awesome. And if you own a GoPro camera, you obviously want to star in them. But while you love shredding or riding or jumping or climbing, maybe you don’t love editing. Or maybe you do but just don’t have time to make the insanely awesome video you envisioned when you bought that […]

Swatch Touch Zero One Review 5

Swatch Touch Zero One Hands On | First Look

Swatch is onto something big: devices more personalized for specific activities and interests. And the first look into this new ecosystem is the Swatch Touch Zero One, a fitness/activity tracker and coach designed specifically for Beach Volleyball fans. But even if you’re not into Beach Volleyball, this Swatch — and it’s app — can help […]

Swatch Touch Zero One Review 2

Swatch Touch Zero One In-Depth Review: The Beginning of Something Big

A few days ago I was on-hand at the Swatch Beach Volleyball FIVB World Tour Finals in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where Swatch showed off a cool new watch designed specifically for beach volleyball players and fans: the Swatch Touch Zero One. The Swatch Touch Zero One is a comfortably sporty, niche-focused yet mainstream-accessible activity tracker […]

Don’t Miss These 10 Articles from Last Week on DailyTekk

Been out and about lately? Here’s a quick list of our best content from last week. Take a look! The 15 Best New Twitter Tools for Personal and Business Use Heading into 2016 – There are are so many ways of slicing a stream of tweets that an entire batch of third-party apps and solutions […]

Swagway 3

Swagway Review: A Fun Electric Skateboard (Hoverboard)

You’ve seen them all over YouTube: but what are they really like to ride? Are they ridable off-road? How long does it take to learn? Get answers to these questions and more while getting some gorgeous up-close views of the one, the only, the original: Swagway. Video transcript: This is a Swagway. Not a Segway, […]


Smart Bikes: The 10 Best New Biking Tech Accessories

Yesterday, while creating a post called The 5 Best New Electric Bikes: Innovation Meets Style and Performance, I realized while researching just how many awesome smart bike accessories there are out there. They were begging to be curated. I’m not even a biker but these bike accessories had me drooling. I mean smart bike locks? […]


DailyTekk Grew 258% in 12 Months: Meet Our Growing Audience (Advertise Here)

I thought it would be interesting to open up some of our audience statistics and demographics info to the wider world today. If you’re wondering what type of people look to DailyTekk for not only technology news but purchasing advice, here are some interesting insights pulled from our Twitter Analytics (powered at least in part […]

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 6.14.52 AM

The 5 Best NEW Electric Bikes: Innovation Meets Style and Performance

I’m really into electric transportation. I love electric skateboards and electric cars (especially that brand new Tesla Model X electric SUV!) and, thanks to creating this post, I’m starting to think I love electric bikes as well (though I’m yet to actually review one: hopefully soon). There’s some really cool technology packed into these electric rides and after […]


The 10 Best New Gadgets, Apps and Startups This Week (Pictures) – 10/2/15

What a week for tech launches. This is probably one of the best lists we’ve made since starting this series. Once again gadgets dominate this week. From transportation to art to video stabilization and more, there’s so much here to drool over. What are you most excited about? Psst: did you miss last week’s roundup […]

Airbnb, the room-sharing startup based in San Francisco, unveiled a new corporate logo on Wednesday (July 16, 2014) called "the Belo," as part of a rebranding campaign.

9 Resources for Airbnb Hosts: More Money, Less Work, Better Experiences

Airbnb can be a great opportunity to make some extra money or even earn living. Or, if managed wrong, it can turn out… differently. If you’re an Airbnb host, you’ll love DailyTekk’s roundup of the best startups, resources and tools from the Airbnb ecosystem designed specifically to help take the burden off your shoulders while […]