The Top 100 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Accessories (Categorized & Ranked)

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 9.31.19 AM

I love my new iPhone 6 Plus (although sometimes I wish I had gone with the smaller 6). Either way. Best phone I’ve ever owned. Regular readers know I’ve been on the hunt for the best looking iPhone 6 cases ...

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The 100+ Best WordPress Resources for 2015, Categorized (+ Expert Tips)


You’ve just stumbled upon the world’s best, most useful WordPress resources article. At least that’s what I set out to create. From getting started with choosing or designing a WordPress theme, to getting it developed/coded, to picking the ...

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Review: The Best Minimal Writing App For Mac—Ever

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 6.32.28 AM

Right now I’m stoked to be typing this review in one of my favorite new Mac apps: Typed.

Typed comes from Realmac software, makers of beloved apps such as Clear (for Mac and iPhone), Ember and Rapidweaver. ...

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How To Free Up Gigs Of Space On Your Mac In Under 30 Seconds


It seems like I’m running out of room on all of my devices lately: my Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. It’s an annoying problem because it prevents me from doing something I want. Installing an app. Taking another photo or video. ...

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This Is The Best Bible Study App, Hands-Down

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.45.40 AM

When it comes to reading the Bible, I want the option to experience both a “lean-back” and “lean-in” experience.

What I mean by a “lean-back” experience is: sometimes I just want to read. Nothing else. No studying. No extrapolating. I ...

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I Found It: The Most Useful iPhone App Of All Time


I found an app I’m willing to call the most useful iPhone app of all time. It’s called Drafts. No, I wasn’t paid to write that.

I love Drafts. No, I mean I really, really LOVE it. It’s brilliant. ...

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Apps You’ll Love (Walkthrough)


Apps You’ll Love is a fun, easy way to discover new web, mobile and Mac apps every weekday. If you’re interested in the backstory (why we made it), click here. Apps You’ll Love (AYL) is a new way to ...

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If Product Hunt Was Just For Apps…


Product Hunt is awesome.

But what if there was a Product Hunt that was, and always would be, exclusively focused on apps; a place where non-app “clutter” didn’t exist? What if the site was built for the masses who USE ...

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These Red Apps Keep You Well Read


I’m starting to wonder whether or not some smart developers behind great reading apps choose the color red for their icons, interfaces and general branding on purpose (red = read?). On my iPhone, at least, every app I use to ...

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Losing sleep? These 10 gadgets and apps will help you sleep better


If you’re anything like me, there aren’t enough hours in the night to get the sleep in you need. Anything that can help me sleep better is a welcome addition to my routine. Recently, a number of new startups and ...

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20 incredible new ways to enjoy Instagram images


It’s been more than 2 years since I published a wildly popular article titled Instagram Insanity: 60+ ways to print, view and share Instagram photos. A lot has changed since then and it was about time for an update. ...

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10 ways to discover the best new apps


Did you know that there are WAY more apps that are released every week than what you see featured in Apple’s App Store or Google Play? To be sure, featured apps are probably the best of the best recently released ...

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15 new tools for app developers


Awhile back I wrote 100 terrific tools for coders and developers. It was a big hit—the day it was published became DailyTekk’s highest traffic day ever. That was, of course, because it was featured on the homepage of Hacker ...

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10 new ways to discover, listen to and share new music


There is a huge demand for services that can enhance the experiences of discovering, listening and sharing music. I should know: I’ve written about over 200 such music services over the last couple years here on DailyTekk. It all started ...

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Automatic is a car accessory that saves you money on gas (review)


Automatic is something like Google Analytics for your car. It’s a half gadget/half app solution that solves a few problems every car driver faces: wasting gas, keeping your engine running in top shape and calling for help in an emergency. ...

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Find the perfect date with these 10 Tinder alternatives


Everyone knows about Tinder by now, but it’s not the only game in town—not by a long shot. Whether you’re looking for some Tinder alternatives or are simply curious as to what other dating apps are out there, you’ve come ...

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10 smart new investment apps and services for beginners and pros alike


It’s no secret: investing can be intimidating—but it doesn’t have to be. There are weighty choices to be made. Choices that can have a serious impact (either good or bad) on your future. Investing isn’t traditionally something younger people tend ...

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The 10 best new news apps for iPhone


2010 called, it wants it’s news app back. If you love to keep up with the latest news as well as your favorite interests but keep using the same few news apps year-in-and-year-out, it’s time to see what else is ...

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Instead: an app that helps non-billionaires change the world


Bill Gates does a lot to try to improve people’s lives around the world. But you’re not Bill Gates. Neither and I. Yet we still want to make a difference in the world. We want to help people and we ...

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The 10 best ways to teach kids how to code


Teaching kids to code is a big deal right now. It’s already mandatory learning in Britain. Mitch Resnick’s TED talk on the subject, titled Let’s teach kids to code, has nearly 1 million views. If you haven’t figured it ...

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