DailyTekk Grew 258% in 12 Months: Meet Our Growing Audience (Advertise Here)

I thought it would be interesting to open up some of our audience statistics and demographics info to the wider world today. If you’re wondering what type of people look to DailyTekk for not only technology news but purchasing advice, here are some interesting insights pulled from our Twitter Analytics (powered at least in part […]


Sponsored Posts on DailyTekk: Promote Your Tech Product (Gadgets, Apps, Startups)

Are you looking for a place where you can reach consumer technology addicts with news about your tech product (including gadgets, apps and tech startups/services)? DailyTekk is here to help both you and our audience. DailyTekk is a great place to tell the world about your high or low-tech company and product. We offer flexible, […]


Is This Instagram’s Best New Tech and Gadget Account / Profile?

Instagram is known for beautiful photos. It’s also a great place to chat and interact with like-minded people. And know we hope that @dailytekk will be know for beautiful tech photos and great chats about the coolest products on the planet. And while many of my favorite Instagram accounts include travelers and daredevils and people whose photos […]


PC Mag Names DailyTekk As A Top 100 Website of 2014

Today as I was exploring DailyTekk’s analytics I saw some new traffic coming from PC Mag. When I clicked the referring link to explore I was delighted to find out that PC Mag had named DailyTekk as one of their top 100 websites of 2014. The author describes the websites listed as, “new websites that […]


Why WordPress Is The Best CMS For DailyTekk (And Your Website Too)

What is the best CMS (content management system)? There are so many to choose from, it’s kind of ridiculous. Choice is great, and competition brings prices down, but holy cow: choosing the right CMS to successfully power your website can be daunting, maybe even paralyzing. Today I’m hoping to make your decision easier by explaining […]


Apps You’ll Love (Walkthrough)

Apps You’ll Love is a fun, easy way to discover new web, mobile and Mac apps every weekday. If you’re interested in the backstory (why we made it), click here. Apps You’ll Love (AYL) is a new way to discover great apps. It’s like getting app recommendations from a trusted group of friends. Here’s how it works. […]


If Product Hunt Was Just For Apps…

Product Hunt is awesome. But what if there was a Product Hunt that was, and always would be, exclusively focused on apps; a place where non-app “clutter” didn’t exist? What if the site was built for the masses who USE tech products, rather than the great folks that MAKE them? What if being a curator (deciding which […]


Theneeds app adds DailyTekk to technology category

Today I’m excited to announce that DailyTekk content will be showing up in a great new app called Theneeds, a free service that helps people find interesting news, articles, videos, social posts and more, around their interests. There are a few things I like about Theneeds that set it apart from other apps. Before you […]

New DailyTekk series!

DailyTekk’s First Birthday and a New Content Focus

Welcome to the newly refurbished DailyTekk (same great look, renovated content lineup). It is now January 2013 and DailyTekk is one year old! In that past, our guiding principle was this: curate cool and useful technology. Now we’ve got a new driving force: an insatiable curiosity for interesting technology. It’s not that we aren’t going […]

@DailyTekk on Twitter

Are You Following DailyTekk on Twitter?

Are you following @DailyTekk on Twitter? If not, you should be. Aside from staying up-to-date on the latest technology content from DailyTekk we also post the best, most interesting tech news from around the web, curated, of course, to remove all the junk and give you only what is most interesting/relevant. DailyTekk has always been […]

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Follow DailyTekk on Tumblr!

Yep, it’s official. DailyTekk has a new Tumblog and you can follow it here. What will you find? All kinds of cool and useful tech curation both pulled from our regular site as well as brand new, never-before-seen, exclusive, amazing awesome content. You won’t want to miss it. Sporting an awesome design and recently loaded […]


How to Create a Wildly Successful Blog in Just 6 Months

The great thing about blogging is that you can create a big, popular, famous site, become well known, gain influence and quit your day job (if you play your cards right and have the patience and drive)–from scratch. It’s truly a shot at the American dream. Blogging also presents an interesting dichotomy as well: it’s […]


DailyTekk: The First 6 Months

Wow, this has been quite a ride so far. DailyTekk started as a way to share cool “tech finds” with coworkers and has grown dramatically over 6 months and we’ve already hit some pretty big milestones. Old school media has shown us some love; we’ve been linked to by The New York Times and The […]

Stashtag logo pitchdeck

Stashtag: A Social Media Startup Project from DailyTekk’s Founder

I’m excited to announce a new project I have been working on today called Stashtag (view profile on AngelList). I am not going to say a whole lot about the intricate details just yet, but I can tell you a little bit about what it will do. In short, Stashtag allows publishers (like DailyTekk) to […]


Like Free T-Shirts? Become a Blogger

It turns out that being a blogger is a great way to get free t-shirts. Just recently I’ve added 6 new ones to my fledgling collection. I’ve learned some interesting things along the way like the American Apparel shirts I’ve received (3 so far) are much higher quality than the others I’ve gotten. This post is […]


Subscribe to DailyTekk’s Monthly Newsletter

Once a month DailyTekk sends out what might be the coolest, most useful tech newsletter on the planet. Each issue will be packed with exclusives you won’t find anywhere else. Are you interested in staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest tech, gadget and startup news? Our newsletter will keep you informed without without overloading your […]

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New-Startups.com Network Adds DailyTekk to Roster

Are you familiar with New-Startups.com? The site is an aggregated gallery and expert peer review platform that collects a wide range of bright new ideas from around the globe with the goal of keeping you up to date on incredible emerging businesses. Aside from producing excellent content themselves, New-Startups.com also hosts a network of hand-picked content from […]


Professional Organizers Invite DailyTekk Founder to Speak at Event

The Colorado chapter of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) held an awesome meeting last night at the Design Within Reach store in Cherry Creek (Denver) and I was privileged to be an invited speaker. I met some great people as I presented about using tech to reduce digital clutter. Actually, Mandy P., the event’s […]


DailyTekk is Seeking Tech-Savvy Guest Bloggers and Contributors

We know there are lots of great bloggers who are looking for guest posting opportunities so we figured why not put out a call to try to snag some of the best for ourselves! We’re looking for people who love to write, love tech, are knowledgeable and can hopefully contribute once a week (preferably). As […]


DailyTekk is on Pinterest

In an effort to bring you the content you want where you want to see it, we’ve expanded our presence to include social phenomenon site Pinterest. Sure, the site’s a tad girly, but dude, it brings us a bunch of traffic so we’re going to embrace it. You can find our boards at pinterest.com/dailytekk. This […]