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10 Stylish and High-Quality Internet Radios

Think radios have gone out of style? Think again. And forget AM/FM. These days, new premium radios are Wi-Fi connected. That means you can listen to radio stations from around the world, yes, or, thanks to Spotify Connect, get all your favorite music delivered from your smartphone via insanely good sounding speakers. In other words, you can […]


The 6 Best 4K Ultra HD TVs for the Ultimate TV, Movie and Gaming Experience (2015)

If you’re looking for the best new TV you can buy, you’re looking for a 4K Ultra HD TV. 4K Ultra HD TVs have 4x the pixels of 1080p HD which means you’re going to see crystal clear, life-life details that will truly blow you away. Even your older content (like Blu-Rays) will look sensational […]

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The 5 Best, Coolest and Most Useful Chromebooks You Can Buy (2015)

The appeal of the Chromebook is simple: by shifting all the heavy computing to the cloud, Google found a way to allow manufacturers to provide cheaper hardware that still lets you get work done. For students and people who do light computing (Gmail, Netflix, Amazon, Google Docs, writing, general web surfing, etc.), a Chromebook may be […]


The top 10 gadgets of 2014 according to Google search results

What were the top Google searches for tech gadgets in the US in 2014? iPhone 6 Samsung Galaxy s5 Nexus 6 Apple Watch Chromecast Xbox One Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LG G3 Moto 360 Surface Pro 3 I’m sure Google is proud of this list in many ways because 6 of the 10 gadgets have […]

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The Top 100 iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Accessories (Categorized & Ranked)

I love my new iPhone 6 Plus (although sometimes I wish I had gone with the smaller 6). Either way. Best phone I’ve ever owned. Regular readers know I’ve been on the hunt for the best looking iPhone 6 cases for a few weeks now, but I figured it was time to see what other amazingly […]

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror Review

The simplehuman magnifying sensor mirror is a stainless steel beauty must-have. This gadget is a staple for ensuring a flawless finish to your morning (or evening) routine. The price ($200) seems a bit steep when compared to many other cheap countertop mirrors on the market. But this item is a high quality investment. The 8” […]


Kwikset Kevo Review: Like Living in the Future, Now

My life feels more futuristic all the time. That’s thanks to all the gadgets I receive and review each month. And while there are plenty that make me say, “Wow,” not too many make me feel like I’m from the future and those around me are stuck in the stone ages. But that’s exactly the […]

Popclik Review: Fun, Colorful, Unique Headphones, Earphones and Speakers

I’ve tested more than my fair share of headphones, earphones and speakers both in my personal life and for DailyTekk. After awhile features and traits begin to blend together and it gets tough to recall a particular brand or model. That’s why it’s such a surprise to find a brand or product whose features or […]


If There Were A Dream Keyboard, This Would Be It

I’ve been eyeing a particular keyboard for many months now. I wanted to try this keyboard more than a person should probably want to try any keyboard. It had a killer feature that made me want it which I’ll explain shortly. The keyboard I’m talking about is the Kanex Multi-Sync Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac and […]


Clair BG2025 Air Purifier Review: Stylish, Quiet, Convenient

Whether you live in the city or in the country, today’s air quality is increasingly alarming. Exhaust from trucks, a neighbor that smokes, fumes from industrial farms and, well, your basic cloud of pollution. It’s all the stuff I listed above that makes a person like myself like the idea of an air filter. But […]


Ingenious Headphones That Don’t Get Tangled

One of the most annoying annoyances a smartphone user deals with is tangled headphone cords. Doesn’t matter if you’re an Apple or Samsung user, a Beats lover or a Bose fanatic. Wired headphones get tangled. Well, almost all wired headphones get tangled. I’d read about ZipBuds before on various tech blogs. They’re earphones that literally […]


The iPhone 6 Has A Design Flaw

In general I’m a huge fan of my iPhone 6 Plus. I’m 98% satisfied with it’s design and performance so far. There are a few issues that have bothered me which have mostly been minor (very occasional device resets out of the blue). But there is one nagging issue that flat-out bugs me. I take […]

This Hairdryer Cuts Drying Time in Half

The T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i is an ionic, ceramic hair dryer that also boasts of Tourmaline and SoftAire technology. Tourmaline emits negative ions along with infrared heat which reduces damage. SoftAire describes the dryer’s specially designed fan that produces a soft, gentle speed that dries hair faster and reduces frizz. The features of this blowdryer […]

Creative Sound Blaster Roar: A Feature-Packed Portable Bluetooth Speaker

There’s something about a high-quality, portable speaker that just makes you… want it. In a way, it’s the ultimate gadget accessory; the perfect compliment to the devices our entire world’s revolve around: our smartphones (and to an extent, our tablets). The best Bluetooth speakers are natural extensions of ourselves. They play our music. They amplify […]

Riiviva Microdermabrasion Tool Review

The Riiviva Microderm is a sleek handheld device that promises smoother and younger looking skin without leaving the comfort of your home. It’s equipped with medical-grade diamond tip technology, is a lot less expensive (starting at $269) and, as you can guess, is much more convenient than visiting a professional. The device features high quality […]


Bluelounge Sanctuary4 review: charge multiple iPhones and iPads “lightning” fast

I’m a huge sucker for smartphone and tablet charging stations—as are the readers of DailyTekk. Years ago I wrote 10+ ways to charge multiple iPads, iPhones and iPods at once and it remains one of the top 10 posts on DailyTekk day-in-and-day-out (in terms of traffic). For the past couple of weeks I’ve been testing […]


Losing sleep? These 10 gadgets and apps will help you sleep better

If you’re anything like me, there aren’t enough hours in the night to get the sleep in you need. Anything that can help me sleep better is a welcome addition to my routine. Recently, a number of new startups and Kickstarter projects have cropped up to help people sleep more and better. While many sleep-enhancing “technologies” […]


Automatic is a car accessory that saves you money on gas (review)

Automatic is something like Google Analytics for your car. It’s a half gadget/half app solution that solves a few problems every car driver faces: wasting gas, keeping your engine running in top shape and calling for help in an emergency. It also keeps track of where you’ve been and provides some interesting driving statistics. I have to say, […]


Dark Energy Reservoir premium USB charger (review)

I’ve got a [highlight]new favorite portable power source[/highlight] and it goes by the name of Dark Energy Reservoir ($129). It’s got the three s’s a portable USB charger needs to win me over: it’s [highlight]small, sleek and simple to use[/highlight]. Over the years I’ve used a number of portable power solutions. I have to since I’ve done […]


Gtar: the best, and coolest, way to learn to play guitar (review)

The Gtar ($399) is one of those things I knew I had to have the moment I saw it. For those still in the dark, Gtar is [highlight]a smart electric guitar that teaches people how to play[/highlight], you guessed it, the guitar. I’ve always been interested in music. For awhile I was in a band back in […]