Are You Backing Up Your Data?

It is virtually critical to continuously backup all your data. All information is vulnerable; there is nothing completely safe in a personal computer. There is a high risk of losing valuable information at any time without warning. Data Loss  There are many ways to cause data loss: Viruses and Malware – Many businesses have been […]

Mixcder Basso Wireless Sports Earphones: Unboxing and First Look

Note: this post is brought to you by Mixcder and originally appeared on GizmoChina.  Mixcder, an audio-first company has created, what could possibly be the best wireless earphones for sports; The earbuds dubbed ‘Basso’ is what we will be taking a look at today. First, let’s check out the box, and what’s inside it. The box […]

The VESELcase for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Review: Luxury Meets Utility

As a technology reviewer it’s easy to get sick of reviewing the same old thing. I find that to be especially true when it comes to iPhone cases. But today I have the pleasure of telling you about an iPhone case that is unusually great and significantly different from the multitude of iPhone cases that […]

Samsung Galaxy A5 Review

Samsung’s Galaxy A5 is the company’s latest contribution to the world of mid-range phones and a follow up to the Galaxy Alpha. It costs half as much as the S6 and may cost even less when you use an appropriate coupon from Discountrue or other couponing website. For those who are in search of a quality phone, […]

Use Migrate OS to HDD/SSD for a Faster Windows PC with More Storage Space

Do you want your Windows machine to run as quickly and efficiently as possible? Do you want to free up storage space on your computer’s built in hard drive? If so (and who wouldn’t) you should take a look at Migrate OS to HDD/SDD from EaseUS. What Migrate OS to HDD/SSD will do for you […]

Is It Worth Jumping on the Digital Wallet Craze?

Chances are, you know someone who has paid for a meal or some other purchase with their phone via a digital wallet. This may have left you wondering what this was all about and whether or not it was worth the time and effort to sign up for such a service. The following article will […]

What’s a TV Pixel and Why Should I Care?

When you want to purchase a new TV, the choices can start to seem overwhelming, and the terms might not even make a lot of sense to you right off the bat. There are now options, like 720p, 1080p, and 4K displays, but what does that really mean? This article looks at today’s high-definition viewing options […]

Seeveeze: A Simple, Easy CV Editor You Can Use for Free

Producing a polished CV can be a huge pain. People hate doing it for the simple fact that it’s time consuming. Why is it time consuming? You’ve got to input and organize gobs of information and, when that’s done, you’ve got to format and design it. But what if the process could be simpler? Well, […]

12 Tips to Get the Most Out of Google

Google provides a wide range of useful products and programs, and they become more useful once you pick up on a few tips and tricks. 5 Tips to Use Google Search More Effectively Exclude irrelevant results. Using a simple dash (-) before certain words, will exclude any web pages with unwanted search results. For example, […]

The Find My Stuff App Saves Your Valuables While You Travel

When you take a trip, whether it’s for business or a vacation trip, there is always the chance that things can go missing. When you’re in unfamiliar surroundings, a lot of things can happen. One example is when you park in a large parking lot at an amusement park or other huge attraction, or even […]

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Wallet Case for Your iPhone

Smartphones have become a second self. We use them to communicate, play games, work, listen to music, and pretty much everything else. Unfortunately, they just keep getting bigger and bigger. But for those who don’t want to carry a bag everywhere, there is hope. An iphone wallet case can be a great way to streamline […]

3 Reasons You Need To Protect Your Naked iPhone Screen With intelliARMOR

I used to think I didn’t need a screen protector for my iPhones. That’s no longer the case. Just a couple of weeks ago my iPhone 6 Plus slid out of my pocket when I sat down on my front porch. It went from my pocket to the concrete and bounced off the concrete down […]

intelliGLASS PRO iPhone Screen Protector Review (In 4K)

It wasn’t long ago that I cracked my iPhone screen. We’ll, technically, gravity cracked my iPhone screen. All I did was sit down on my front porch. Next thing I knew my iPhone slid out of my pocket, landed briefly on the concrete under my chair and proceeded to bounce off the concrete and into […]

Customer Technology Tracking System – Tools Making Systems Efficient

Have you ever heard about a customer technology tracking system? It is a vital tool used by retail businesses and online order companies to provide their customers with an outstanding service experience. How? What Is a Customer Technology Tracking System? Technology is being used to make all business and service operations as efficient and error […]

Tips for Making your New House Feel Like Home

Tips for Making your New House Feel Like Home There’s nothing quite like the feeling of starting afresh with a new home in a new neighbourhood. With a new home comes the opportunity, or excuse depending on how you look at it, to get creative. There’s no reason to keep the dingy old wallpaper and […]

TomTom Bandit Action Cam: Highest Quality Video, Easiest To Use Features

Action cameras are nothing new: they’ve been around for awhile now and the genre has grown a bit stale. There hasn’t been a lot of innovation in this space. On the contrary, it’s been a bit of a slow crawl forward with higher specs here and there. That’s why the team at DailyTekk is excited […]

EazyWallz Review: The Best Selection Of Cool Wall Murals

White walls are boring. You don’t live on a white-washed space station (like in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey). You and the people you’re around the most (family, colleagues) have personalities. Whether you’re at home or at work you want to be in a creative, happy, inspired mood as you go about your day. […]

3 Reasons Frank & Oak Is The Best Men’s Fashion Brand On The Planet

If you’re a regular reader of DailyTekk, you know I love Frank & Oak. I don’t hand out labels like “the best men’s fashion brand on the planet” without merit; that is truly how I feel about the company. Now, for me to say that, I obviously think their style is on-point. And, as I mentioned in a recent […]

This 3M Privacy Screen Protector Shields Your Phone From Visual Hacking

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3M Company for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. What comes to mind when you think of hacking? Probably two hands maliciously poised over a keyboard in front of a computer screen with green Matrix-like text scrolling down, right? That’s because you’ve been fed […]

PF Flyers Ramblers: The Perfect Retro Shoes for the Modern Hipster

This post brought to you by PF Flyers. The content and opinions expressed below are that of DailyTekk. There’s a simple reason why so many techies look like hipsters: hipsters aren’t hipsters without technology. They are early adopters; they want to differentiate themselves from those around them in any way possible. So hipsters might as […]