Dribbbling: An Interview With Illustrator and Character Designer Rachel Alderson

I’ve become fascinated by Dribbble over the last couple years. If your live in any way intersects with the design/advertising/creativity worlds then there’s a good chance you know what Dribbble is. For those that don’t, it’s “show and tell for designers.” But Dribbble is more than that. It’s a very exclusive community. Every designer who showcases […]


Is the HP Pavilion x360 2 in 1 notebook right for you?

As part of a sponsorship sourced through Social Chorus, I previously wrote about the HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 convertible notebook. As of this morning, I still owed Social Chorus one more post on the subject. In my first article, I barely expressed an opinion. Instead I deferred to readers’ own abilities to make a judgement based on the facts. This time I […]

News@Noon: Tasty Tech Snacks

A curated list of today’s most interesting tech news to snack on over your lunch break. Instagram Lands on Windows Phone (Minus Video) We wanted to make Instagram available to people with Windows Phones as quickly as possible, so we focused on creating an awesome experience with Instagram’s core features. We’re not finished, and our […]

Of Passwords, Breaches And The Need For Change

Editor’s note: Brennen Bryne is the CEO and co-founder of Clef, a company dedicated to building a better digital identity for the internet. Redefining Identity Security Clef is a new identity company with the sole purpose of redefining digital authentication and security as we know it. For digital brands, Clef provides an architecture that distributes […]

Rolocule RoloMotion

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Rohit Gupta, CEO of Rolocule Games who was the part of “THE SIMS 3″ engineering team at Electronic Arts (EA) headquarters in Redwood City, California. He has also held positions at Infosys Technologies, where he was also awarded Best Software Engineer award in 2006. Rohit holds Master […]

Goodbye Recruiters? Hire Elite Freelance Writers for Business Projects

Hiring elite freelance consultants has always been inefficient: freelancers spend more time marketing themselves than actually performing work in their core competency, and businesses have to wade through thousands of applicants to find that one gem in the rough. Well, we’re here to fix all of that. Copywriter Central helps businesses discover and hire elite […]

Trek Light Hammock

Giveaway: Recharge Your Batteries With Huckberry

A few times each year, we like to shut down our devices (or at least lose reception) and get away from it all. We’ve camped Yosemite, skied Jackson Hole, and surfed Costa Rica. Each time we come back recharged and ready to bring you the best in tech. To outfit our decidedly low-tech adventures, we […]


Game of Fame: Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders

A Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders designer shared some behind the scenes information about the development of the game. The first thing that makes Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders unique is definitely the attention to detail. We put a disproportionate amount of work in recreating the locations where the action takes place as close as possible to reality. […]

SoundCloud Heroes from all over the U.S. arrived at SoundCloud's San Francisco office -- left is David Noël, VP of Community, SoundCloud

Inside SoundCloud

Jane Shin is the US community manager for SoundCloud in San Francisco. She leads community outreach activities and programs to engage SoundCloud community members to build connections, stories and sounds in the community. Check out what Jane has to say about the SoundCloud experience! If you could describe the essence of SoundCloud’s culture in one word, […]

Game of Fame: Galcon Fusion

Phil Hassey created Galcon, a multiplayer arcade real-time strategy game which won an IGF award. Phil is one of the current organizers of the Ludum Dare game jam community. Most recently he launched his game Dynamite Jack on Steam and the iOS App Store. Here, he shares some behind the scenes information about the development […]


Inside Box

Kimber Lockhart is Director of Engineering at Box, where she leads the web application engineering team that builds most new features on Box. Launched in 2011, Kimber was responsible for #newbox, a major redesign and rebuild of the Box user experience which marked a turning point in the company’s transition to the enterprise market. She’s […]

Game of Fame: Bloons Tower Defense

Stephen Harris is the co-founder of Ninja Kiwi, a developer and publisher of flash web games and mobile games. He started Ninja Kiwi in 2006 with his brother Chris. Ninja Kiwi recently acquired Scottish mobile gaming studio Digital Goldfish, which increased Ninja Kiwi’s number to 34 full time people. As a game-maker, here are some […]

Inside Klout

Here to share the inside scoop on Klout is Katelin Holloway, Director of People. As described by a coworker, “Katelin has been there practically since the beginning. She not only understands our culture like no one else, she lives, breathes and inspires it.” Read on! If you could describe the essence of Klout‘s culture in […]

Level Edition

Game of Fame: EDGE

Matthieu Malot, lead artist of EDGE Extended, shares with us a bit of background and inside information on EDGE (Mobigame‘s multi-awarded and critically loved game) and EDGE Extended. There is nothing narrative in EDGE, and it is difficult to talk about a genre for EDGE. With David, before the release we hesitated a lot between […]

Phil Kench

Inside Shazam

Today, Phil Kench has shared some inside information about Shazam where he is the Senior Product Manager. Read on to find out more! If you could describe the essence of Shazam‘s culture in one word, what would that be? Flexible! Shazam has many demands of its team serving media recognitions of Music and Television across many […]

Eye-Fi: Wireless Wow-Factor

The Eye-Fi is one of those technologies that actually made me go “Wow, I WANT that.” It’s that cool. Sometimes you see something new and think, “Meh, it’s interesting,” or, “It’s cool, but I don’t have to have one.” That’s not this. This is something that truly made an impression on me when I first […]

DataMarket Team

Startup Stories: DataMarket Helps You Find, Understand and Share Data

Today I have the privilege of introducing you to a new favorite company of mine called DataMarket whose founder and CEO, Hjalmar Gislason, has a vision for making the world’s data easier to find and understand. I first discovered DataMarket when doing research for a post titled Over 100 Incredible Infographics Tools and Resources. Enjoy! It all […]


MyCharge Peak, Sojourn and Voyage: Never Be Without Power Again

As I use my mobile devices more and more, it seems like my batteries last less and less. That’s why I’m keen on having a backup battery handy at all times whether I’m just in the office or on a trip. I’ve used a few different battery cases for my iPhone, but I’ve yet to […]


Matrix Portable Speakers

Pump up your sound and your style with Matrix Audio’s line of small, nay, tiny speakers. The Qube ($49.99), NRG ($29.99) and ONE ($79.99) speakers work great for different situations, but all stow away nicely until they are needed. The ONE speaker is Bluetooth enabled, has a toggle for switching between tracks without taking out your […]



You know we love infographics here at DailyTekk and this interactive data visualization showing where people migrate is no exception (using 2010 data). Did you know that 216 million people (that’s 3.15%) live outside of their native countries? Peoplemovin gives you the hard facts and lets you click on a country to visualize where the […]