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Amazon Will Now Pay You $18-25/hr to Deliver Packages

Looking for some part time work? Amazon may just have you covered. A new service called Amazon Flex offers anyone that is at least 21, has a car, an Android smartphone and can pass a background check the opportunity to get paid $18-25/hr delivering packages for the giant online retailer. The program is piloting in […]

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7 Speaker Showdown: What’s the Best Wireless Speaker?

In this video we rank 7 different speakers including the Bose SoundTouch 20, the Revo SuperConnect, the Libratone Zipp, Amazon Echo, House of Marley Get Together, Grace Digital Mondo and UE Megaboom in several categories including SOUND, LOOKS, QUALITY and INTERFACE. We start with a brief introduction to each speaker and end with some recommendations. […]

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The 10 Best New Gadgets, Apps and Startups This Week (Pictures) – 9/18/15

Are you ready for the best, coolest, most-awesome tech products of the week? Okay, so a lot happened this week that ISN’T reflected in this roundup because I’ve already talked about it elsewhere on DailyTekk. For instance, iOS 9 became officially available this week and that included the launch of several (increasingly popular) ad blocking […]

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Jet is Crushing Amazon: Here’s How (and Why)

Jet, the newly launched Amazon alternative/competitor, is crushing it. Amazon, that is. Not in terms of market share of course (not yet), but in my own life. Aside from the savings you can see add up in your cart, Jet has better customer service by far (with American employees who go the extra mile), massively […]

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Video: Amazon Echo Review (In 90 Seconds)

Video Transcript: Guys whats up it’s Chris from DailyTekk and this is the review of the Amazon Echo. Review Amazon Echo is an “always-on” artificial intelligence assistant that you control with your voice. It’s like Siri married a Bluetooth speaker. Interacting with Echo is EASY! Alexa how’s my commute today? Echo is a treasure trove […]

In this undated photo provided by Nestle Purina PetCare is Grumpy Cat. It probably won't affect her famous mood, but Grumpy Cat now has an endorsement deal. The St. Louis-based company announced Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2013, the frown-faced Internet sensation, real name Tardar Sauce, is now the "spokescat" for a Friskies brand of cat food. (AP Photo/Nestle Purina PetCare)

Amazon Crime: It Took 97 Minutes For Amazon To Admit They Were Screwing Me

“Some people definitely do use it that way,” says Ryan, an Amazon support representative I spoke to by phone. “It is an apology for a negative experience. It sounds like exactly like you put it: they were just throwing it out there just so you would stop bugging them.” I knew it! I’ve become sadly […]


Twitch TV and The Rise of Online Gaming

Twitch TV is an independent platform owned and operated by and is the latest in online video and media streaming. First introduced back in 2011, it has since emerged as a seminal platform that is used primarily by video gamers, and it is part of a wider trend for cross-platform gaming that integrates desktops, […]

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Surprise! Amazon Prime’s Dirty Little Secret

Free 2-day shipping. It’s the basis of what makes Amazon Prime worthwhile and awesome. 2 days isn’t all that long to wait for an item; it’s short enough that I often order an item on Amazon instead of heading to Target or another store if I don’t absolutely need it today. But yesterday Amazon threw […]


Amazon Fire TV review: the best way to watch Prime Instant Video

When it comes to boxes you can plug into your television to give you more content, no one should discount the new Amazon Fire TV. If you simply want to know whether or not you should buy the Fire TV, just scroll on down to the last paragraph now. If you want to know a […] The Audiobook Service I Love and Hate Simultaneously has been serving up audiobooks since 1995, so it’s hardly new. I remember checking it out when it first came out, thinking it would be something cool to try out and then realizing, “Oh dang, that’s crazy expensive.” Well, guess what, now that I’m older and wiser, it still seems crazy expensive, but I […]


Kindle Fire HD vs New iPad is No Contest for iPad

This weekend I spent some time getting to know the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ for the first time. We didn’t get along too well. At first glance I thought, “Hmm, this thing doesn’t look half bad.” It was a decent size and was not all too thick (or thin) and hey, it came from the […]


I Wish Best Buy Would Live On, But Here’s Why It Will Die

Oh Best Buy… the last bastion of electronic superstoreness left over from the good ol’ nineties. How I mourn thee. People have been calling Best Buy Amazon’s showroom for quite some time now in jest, and, while that might be true to some extent, the thing Best Buy really has going for it is that […]


Sketched: Kindle Fire HD vs iPad (Prediction)

Amazon just launched a few new Kindle devices. Jeff Bezos has stated that he wants to make money when customers use his products, not when they buy them. The problem is, people will choose iPads over Kindles almost every time. Sketched is a fresh take on tech news and commentary. This is sketch #2. Created on […]


I Just Bought 80 iPads and Returned 20 Kindle Fires

I recently purchased 80+ iPads and 30 or so Kindle Fires for a group of employees at work. Some people got iPad 2s, but most people got the New iPad (or iPad 3, as most people still call them in conversation) and a few people got Kindle Fires. An interesting thing happened… people were given […]


Amazon, Jeep, Apple All Guilty of Blatant False Advertising

I am incredibly sick and tired of false advertising (Wikipedia). Sometimes it’s so wrong it’s actually funny (not when it’s targeted at you of course), but most of the time it is aggravating, infuriating or downright pathetic. In the last 24 hours I’ve been blasted by false advertising from well-known companies. False advertising can cost brands millions, […]

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Useful Startups: 21habit Helps You Break Any Habit in 21 Days

I just came across this awesome little started called 21habit that helps you break any habit in 21 days. Founded and funded by a Microsoft software developer and three Amazon engineers as a side project, 21habit works like this: users start by paying in $21 up front. For every day you successfully break your habit, […]