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Pico Flex Dolly

Daily Tech Find: Pico Flex Dolly Smooth Motion Movable Video Tripod

Have you ever seen behind-the-scenes footage of a movie where the camera is mounted on what looks like miniature railroad tracks? You can see the camera sliding across the terrain on these tracks to provide a smooth camera shot–essentially a moving tripod of sorts. Well, that kind of cool cinematography is now available for your […]

Card.io Screenshot

App Watch: Card.io Lets You Accept Payments Using a Phone Camera

Wow, one whole day after posting 7 Slick Ways to Accept Mobile Payments I discovered Card.io, a new app in the Apple app store that lets you accept payments with your mobile phone’s camera! With Card.io there’s no extra hardware to use–just your phones camera. There is a $1 minimum charge and a maximum charge […]


7 Slick Ways to Accept Mobile Payments

When it comes to accepting mobile payments, merchants and service providers want a solution that is easy, secure and has low rates. While the most well known mobile credit card processing system is Square, there are decent alternatives. Also known as mobile POS systems (point of sale), these products will allow you to make the […]

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.09.26 AM

7 Easy Ways to Learn Coding and Computer Science for Free

These days it seems like people fall into one of three categories: people who know how to code, people who want to learn how to code and people who are losing opportunities because they either can’t code or don’t understand how code works. Luckily, it’s easier than ever for a person willing to invest a […]