Speck CandyShell Fit Apple Watch Case 7

Video: Speck CandyShell Fit Apple Watch Case Review (In 4K)

So you spent somewhere between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars on a new Apple Watch. You probably want to do everything you can to protect your investment from getting scratched cracked. That’s where the Speck CandyShell Fit Watch Case comes in. Now let’s get something out of the way right away: […]


I Can’t Believe I’m Saying This: Outlook is the Best Email App for iPhone!

Over the years I’ve tried many different email apps on my iPhones. Apple’s default Mail app (of course), Mailbox by Dropbox, Google’s Gmail and Inbox and, most recently (and often), Boxer. Between these apps there has never been a clear winner in my mind. Until I found… Microsoft Outlook. I know, I know, Outlooks is […]

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Wallet Case for Your iPhone

Smartphones have become a second self. We use them to communicate, play games, work, listen to music, and pretty much everything else. Unfortunately, they just keep getting bigger and bigger. But for those who don’t want to carry a bag everywhere, there is hope. An iphone wallet case can be a great way to streamline […]

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Video: Mikol Marble iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Case Review (Best Case Ever)

So the main feature of this case it what it’s made out of: marble. Luxury materials means luxury case. But at $99 is it worth it? The back of this case is where you’ll find the marble. It’s a thin layer that’s surrounded on the sides by some plastic edging. Although I wasn’t really sure […]

3 Reasons You Need To Protect Your Naked iPhone Screen With intelliARMOR

I used to think I didn’t need a screen protector for my iPhones. That’s no longer the case. Just a couple of weeks ago my iPhone 6 Plus slid out of my pocket when I sat down on my front porch. It went from my pocket to the concrete and bounced off the concrete down […]

intelliGLASS PRO iPhone Screen Protector Review (In 4K)

It wasn’t long ago that I cracked my iPhone screen. We’ll, technically, gravity cracked my iPhone screen. All I did was sit down on my front porch. Next thing I knew my iPhone slid out of my pocket, landed briefly on the concrete under my chair and proceeded to bounce off the concrete and into […]


The Surprising Reasons Why This iPhone Fan Won’t Switch To Android

The reasons I prefer to use an iPhone as my “daily driver” over Android devices have less to do with familiarity and even features than you might think. Accusations like, “You’re just used to it,” or, “You’re a sucker for the marketing,” just aren’t accurate. For me, it comes down to some intangibles like polish, […]


Why I Disabled Stand Reminders On My Apple Watch (And How To Yourself)

The Apple Watch arrives primed to help it’s owner stay healthier by default. One of the ways it aims to accomplish this is with a reminder that fires at 10 till the hour, every hour during the day. At first I liked this feature and embraced it whole heartedly but after 3 months I’ve changed […]

Cracked iPhone 1

Getting My Cracked iPhone Screen Replaced At Apple Store (Cost + Experience)

It’s usually accidental: your iPhone slips out of your fingers, or, in my case, pocket and heads for the nearest hard surface. BAM! And you get that sinking feeling where you immediately know something is very wrong… But how do you get your cracked iPhone screen fixed? And what does it cost? Do you have […]


The 2 Best Luxury iPhone Cases You Can Buy NOW

There’s no two ways about it: iPhones are luxury phones. Android phones have really sopped up the bottom end of the market and as manufacturers like Samsung do their best to create high-end phones to compete with the iPhone, they’re still struggling to maintain a solid foothold. But even while a decked out iPhone can […]


The Most Annoying Thing About Using An Apple Watch So Far

I’ve been wearing an Apple Watch for a few months now and I really love it. I wear it every day without fail because I find it incredibly useful. But there’s one really very annoying problem that frustrates me many times on many days: the digital crown frequently gets stuck. Yep. Stuck. Let’s say I’m […]

Anti-Gravity iPhone Case Review 002

Anti-Gravity iPhone Case Review

What if your iPhone case could stick to just about anything? The Anti-Gravity iPhone case from Mega Tiny Corporation is one of the most unique — and uniquely useful — iPhone cases I’ve ever tested. Basically, it will stick to any smooth surface. Think glass, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets and stuff like that. That means […]

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An iPhone Case That Takes You Off The Grid?

If you want to keep your personal information as safe as possible, you’ve got to add an RFID and wireless signal blocking iPhone case to your setup. Silent Pocket is the best looking option around. Video transcript: Silent Pocket’s iPhone, iPad and wallet accessories ensure your personal information stays personal. That’s because these products block out […]

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Video: Xvida StickyCase Magnetic iPhone Case Review

If you haven’t used a magnetic iPhone case before, you don’t know what you’re missing. The StickyCase for iPhone from Xvida (and the magnetic accessory that can attach to any smartphone) is perhaps the best way to stick your phone exactly where you want it — whether that is on a desktop dock, your car […]

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Video: Moshi iVisor Glass iPhone Screen Protector Review

Have you ever cracked your iPhone screen before? I have. It’s not pleasant. Depending on when it happens, you may not have a warranty — and even if you do trading it in for a replacement iPhone is not fun either. And perhaps what is worse in many ways is just scratching your screen. It’s hard […]

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Video: iOS vs Android (Side by Side Comparison)

Have you been using iOS or Android the entire time you’ve owned a smartphone? Do you ever wonder what you’re missing or what “the other side” is like? Well here’s your chance to get a feel for what each OS looks like — at least in terms of core, common functions. A quick note: different Android […]

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Video: The 3 Best Christian Apps for iOS (iPhone)

If you’re a Christian, you might (unfortunately) be used to some pretty horrendous and outrageously awful “apps”. But there are pockets of really awesome, thoughtful creativity within the faith and thankfully there are 3 particular apps worth mentioning that take Christian app design and usability to a whole new level. If you’re looking for the […]


Monowear Leather And Nylon Apple Watch Bands Review

The Apple Watch helps me get through the day. Like I mentioned in the recent video Is The Apple Watch A Keeper (In 60 Seconds), the Apple Watch has helped me get fit and stay healthier, has helped me become more organized and has kept me more informed. But like anything, after time, even a […]

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Video: Is The Apple Watch A Keeper (In 60 Seconds)

Video Transcript: Hey it’s Chris from DailyTekk and this is whether or not the Apple Watch is a keeper in 60 seconds. Yes, the Apple Watch tells time — duh — but it’s also designed to make tracking your health and communications quick and easy. It also runs popular apps like Wunderlist, Lark, Runtastic and […]


Spotify Running Originals: The Dawn Of Smart Music And A True Innovation

Spotify is innovative. If I were to think to myself, “What could possibly be done with music that hasn’t been done already?” I wouldn’t be able to come up with anything. Apple asked itself that same question and vomited out Apple Music, a giant yawn — Beats 1 included. When Spotify asked itself that question […]