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IceCream Frees Up Space on Your iPhone in the Blink of an Eye

Unbelievably, Apple is still selling 16GB versions of the iPhone (my advice: don’t buy one). With a 4K camera and features like Live Photos, that’s just not enough space. Or is it? A new app called IceCream has arrived to help iPhone users free up as much space as possible as quickly as possible through […]

The VESELcase for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Review: Luxury Meets Utility

As a technology reviewer it’s easy to get sick of reviewing the same old thing. I find that to be especially true when it comes to iPhone cases. But today I have the pleasure of telling you about an iPhone case that is unusually great and significantly different from the multitude of iPhone cases that […]


iPhone 6s 4K and Slow Mo Video Sample Footage

Over the weekend I took my brand new iPhone 6s along on a hike in the Arapaho National Forest area near Dillon Colorado to experience the changing Aspen trees. The colors didn’t disappoint and neither did the camera. Nothing in this video was altered (no filters or auto-corrections were applied, no white/color-balance, etc.). Everything you […]

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Why Live Photos on the New iPhone 6s Aren’t Gimmicky

I’ve seen a lot of sad chatter around the Web calling Apple’s new Live Photos feature, which debuted with the latest iPhones (the 6s and 6s Plus), a gimmick. I strongly disagree. I think tech reviewers that hate on Live Photos fall into two categories: those that don’t get it and those that want to […]


It’s So Different Now: The 5 Best Email Apps for iPhone Heading Into 2016

Not long ago I befuddled my own brain by declaring that Outlook (yes, Outlook) was the best current email app on the iPhone. And I still think that BUT I think I’m missing a work there. What I really mean is that Outlook (I still can’t believe I’m typing this) is the best TRADITIONAL email […]

Is It Worth Jumping on the Digital Wallet Craze?

Chances are, you know someone who has paid for a meal or some other purchase with their phone via a digital wallet. This may have left you wondering what this was all about and whether or not it was worth the time and effort to sign up for such a service. The following article will […]

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The 3 Best NEW Ad-Blockers for iOS 9 and Safari

Just last week I posted an article called The 3 Best Ad Blockers You Can Get Now. It was really a breakdown of the best desktop ad blockers but today we take a look at some mobile (iPhone) ad blockers. Why? iOS 9 (which just became available) allows customers to install ad-blocking if they are […]

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The 10 Best New Awesome Tech Product Launches This Week – 9/11/15

There was a big Apple announcement this week which gave us some cool new products to drool over and which also talked about some fun updates to existing products. But there was plenty happening outside the Apple ecosystem as well; there are a few can’t miss new apps below, a great new speaker, some bone […]

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The New Apple TV: See the Best New Features in About 2 Minutes

If Apple is using the word Pro to describe it’s new bigger products like the iPad Pro then maybe the new Apple TV should be called the Apple TV Pro because it looks like it’s about twice the size of the old Apple TV. But there’s a reason it’s so big: it’s packing a lot […]

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iPad Pro: See the Best New Features in Under 2 Minutes

The iPad Pro is a giant and you’ll be able to pick one up starting at $799 for a 32GB version. It’s got a 12.9” Retina display that packs in 5.6 million pixels — that’s more pixels than a 15” MacBook Pro with Retina Display. With this iPad you’re getting 78% more viewing area over […]

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Seriously: Best iPhone Case Ever (Carbon Trim Solutions Review)

Ever since I got an iPhone I’ve been searching for the thinnest, strongest best-looking iPhone case: the opposite of a fatty, over-padded monstrosity. The more it disappears when viewed from the front and the cooler it looks from the back, the better. That’s the description of my ideal iPhone case. And I just found the […]

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The Best, Most-Ultimate Computer Setup to End All Computer Setups

Editor’s note: Lew from Unbox Therapy teamed up with LG to give away a dream computer setup including their UltraWide monitors. To enter you had to write about your dream setup. I thought it would be fun, so… What would my dream computer setup look like? If I had say $10,000 to spend? I’d want […]

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Dear Everyone: Don’t Ever Buy a 16GB iPhone (or Android Phone)

16GB of storage on a phone isn’t nearly enough. This is a post I’ve been thinking about writing forever but never got around to because I kept reading rumors that the next version of the iPhone wouldn’t have a 16GB model to choose from. But now I’m seeing rumors that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus might […]

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No Doubt: Why Wunderlist is the Very Best iPhone (iOS) Todo List App

There is no shortage of full-featured, polished todo list apps for iOS: Todoist,, Clear, Due, Things and even Evernote are all popular choices. And so it Wunderlist, the best todo list app for the iPhone (and even for Macs) in my humble opinion. Let me get this out of the way right away: I’m […]

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3 Cheap(er) Ways to Get a Gold Apple Watch (Apple Watch Edition Alternatives)

Want an Apple Watch Edition (the gold Apple Watch) but don’t have $10,000 laying around to make it happen? Well, you’re in luck (sort of) as there are a few companies that will gold plate your less expensive Apple Watch for a few hundred dollars or so. What’s interesting is that the hardware contained within […]

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Pleasant Surprises: The 4 Best Under-the-Radar iOS 9 Features

A few weeks ago I installed the iOS 9 Public Beta on my iPhone 6 Plus. If you didn’t know, Apple made the next version of it’s mobile operating system available to the public prior to it’s official launch date this year. Normally this is a privilege reserved for app developers so that they can […]

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Video: Speck CandyShell Fit Apple Watch Case Review (In 4K)

So you spent somewhere between a few hundred dollars and a few thousand dollars on a new Apple Watch. You probably want to do everything you can to protect your investment from getting scratched or cracked. That’s where the Speck CandyShell Fit Watch Case comes in. Now let’s get something out of the way right […]


I Can’t Believe I’m Saying This: Outlook is the Best Email App for iPhone!

Over the years I’ve tried many different email apps on my iPhones. Apple’s default Mail app (of course), Mailbox by Dropbox, Google’s Gmail and Inbox and, most recently (and often), Boxer. Between these apps there has never been a clear winner in my mind. Until I found… Microsoft Outlook. I know, I know, Outlooks is […]

Top 5 Benefits of Having a Wallet Case for Your iPhone

Smartphones have become a second self. We use them to communicate, play games, work, listen to music, and pretty much everything else. Unfortunately, they just keep getting bigger and bigger. But for those who don’t want to carry a bag everywhere, there is hope. An iphone wallet case can be a great way to streamline […]

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Video: Mikol Marble iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Case Review (Best Case Ever)

So the main feature of this case it what it’s made out of: marble. Luxury materials means luxury case. But at $99 is it worth it? The back of this case is where you’ll find the marble. It’s a thin layer that’s surrounded on the sides by some plastic edging. Although I wasn’t really sure […]