How Testing Directions On The Apple Watch In Aspen Colorado Led Me To NBA Superstar Dwight Howard

I’d never been to Aspen Colorado before this weekend which made it the perfect place to test getting both walking and driving directions on the Apple Watch. I’m happy to say that using the Apple Watch to navigate a new town was very convenient, despite a few minor quirks which, as it turned out, led […]


Inner Exile Hydra Self-Healing iPhone Case Review (The Best-Looking iPhone Case)

To me, design matters — a lot. It’s one of the reasons I bought an iPhone. And not to throw any shade on any iPhone case manufacturers, but the design of the iPhone itself trumps the design of any iPhone case. And so, since last October when I bought my latest iPhone (a 6 Plus), I’ve […]


Had Apple Been Named Banana, Would It’ve Been As Successful? Seriously…

Apple Computer, Inc., humbly founded in 1976, now ranks twelfth on the 2015 list of the world’s biggest public companies (compiled by Forbes). But naming a company after a piece of fruit is actually pretty strange. In fact it begs the question: how has the company’s name affected it’s success? More specifically, did blind luck, relentless ambition and/or prudent […]


The 5 Best Apple Watch Apps So Far

Well that didn’t take long: there are already over 3,500 Apple Watch apps available. Considering the device has only been on the wrists of consumers for around two months at the most at this point, that’s pretty impressive. Of course Apple’s built-in apps are all stellar. I particularly love the activity app with it’s colorful, […]

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6 NEW Things the Apple Watch can do as of Today (WWDC 2015)

The Apple Watch just got some cool software-based upgrades. Some fixed a few complaints people had while others just added new functionality. Here’s what your (or your future) Apple Watch will be able to do with the next Watch OS update. Time Travel Apple Watch, taking a page out of Pebble’s book, will now let […]

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The 5 Best, Coolest Things Apple Announced At WWDC 2015 Today (Photos)

Apple announced some exciting new features today; nothing as exciting as a new iPhone and, unfortunately, no new Apple TV or TV service. There was a new product announced, however: Apple Music. There was also some interesting Apple Watch news — that I’ll put in a separate post for you. It was so blah I […]

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Liveblog: Apple WWDC 2015 — Everything You Should Know

Beats 1 radio station announced. Worldwide radio station. “All the ways you love music. All in one place.” Apple Music announced. Siri can now display certain glances on Watch. Siri on Watch can control HomeKit devices. Reply to emails on Watch now. Watch now has nightstand mode and an alarm. Time Travel on Watch. See […]


The 5 Best Dual Band Routers You Can Buy NOW To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

You need a good dual band WiFi router, and here’s why: if you live in a dense neighborhood, chances are high that you’ll experience channel conflict or signal overlapping. In English, your WiFi setup might be very similar to that of your neighbor’s — so similar that everyone’s signals are getting congested (i.e. slow). It’s […]


Incipio Feather MacBook Air Case Review: One Of The Best I’ve Tried So Far

Apple products always look the best when they are naked; when they are covered by cases, they usually become slightly less attractive and a bit bulkier but also far safer from dings and scratches. Alas, I never leave my MacBooks naked. They are far too valuable (both the machine and what it holds); the better […]


What Is Apple’s HomeKit? A 60 Second Overview

Apple has been busy branching out beyond smartphones recently. First came the Apple Watch—Apple’s highest-selling product launch in history, by the way—and next came the rumors about an Apple Car (along with the rumor that Apple might just buy Tesla to break into the auto space). When you think about it, it only makes sense for Apple […]

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Asus Brazenly Steals Apple Watch Styling With ZenWatch 2

Asus has a new version of their smartwatch out now and it is trying very hard to be the Apple Watch (at least on the outside). Here’s Oliver Haslam writing for Redmond Pie on the similarities: The first similarities are the sizing and color options that the ZenWatch 2 is available in. The first Android Wear watch […]

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The 5 Best Battery Cases For iPhone Available NOW (2015)

Everyday iPhone power-users kill their battery long before they would like it to die. Now there are nearly 20 iPhone battery cases out in the wild that can charge your favorite gadget up when you’re out and about (and that’s just that I know of)—the problem is, most iPhone battery cases are MAJORLY ugly. Like, dang. […]

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The 5 Best iPad Air 2 Keyboard Cases You Can Buy Now (2015)

The iPad—on it’s own—is a stellar device. But not for getting any serious typing done. If you’re a business person, or even a person who handles a ton of daily email or wiring of some sort, you definitely need a great keyboard. And while you’re at it you might as well get a keyboard/case combo […]


The Top 5 Vlogging Cameras You Can Buy NOW (2015)

x Vloggers are the TV stars of 2015 and many YouTubers are wielding larger fan bases than “traditional” celebrities; but they didn’t get there without a decent camera. In this gadget roundup I’ve included plenty of great vlogging cameras; a couple point and shoots, a DSLR, an action cam and some phones. Literally, whatever situation […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s New Photos App In 1 Simple List

I don’t know about you, but I now take hundreds—if not thousands—of photos and videos every single month. And even more so now that my iPhone can take stop-motion videos (and to a lesser extent slo-mo’s). Organizing those photos using iPhoto was abysmal because iPhoto had become so outdated that is was slow and junky […]

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The 5 Best Non-Apple 27-Inch Monitors For Your Mac (Thunderbolt Display Alternatives)

If you’re looking at this post you don’t want Apple’s own Thunderbolt Display (which is sad because I love mine; I’ve got it hooked up to my 11-inch MacBook Air and it works SO well). In any case, you’re looking for a Thunderbolt Display alternative that is either nicer or cheaper. Not coincidentally, I’ve listed some […]

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The 7 Best Smartwatches You Can Buy NOW (2015)

The way that smartwatches (and wearable tech in general) are hitting the mainstream this year is very exciting. Smartphones have just become our phones and people are looking for a new, exciting gadget to obsess over. But smartwatches represent more than just a fad or a new category or must-have device; they have the potential […]


The 7 Best Ultra-Thin Laptops You Can Buy NOW (2015)

I really, really love my 11-inch MacBook Air. I love it so much I had to find a way to work a mention of it into this article about laptops that are even thinner and lighter than it (mission accomplished); especially it’s brother, the new MacBook (I actually bought my Air AFTER the new MacBook […]


10 Mac Apps/Hacks That Will Make You Say WOW

Are you ready to be more productive while making your Mac more secure and a bit cleaner and more organized in the process? We’ve rounded up 10 of the best recently-released Mac apps to help you do just that because, lets face it, there’s no easier hack than simply installing an app. I’ve been wanting […]


Siri: 150 Examples Of What You Can Ask Apple’s Personal Assistant

Siri is one of my favorite Apple products. In fact, I’ve been using it since before the Apple acquisition. But even though I’ve been using Siri for several years now, I just realized how many voice commands I could issue that I had no idea about. That’s because Apple just released an awesome new website […]