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I’m Using An iPhone on T-Mobile – Am I Crazy?


A couple of weeks ago I did something I thought I would never do: I switched to T-Mobile. In the past, I always thought of T-Mobile as an ugly duckling carrier. An also-ran. I felt sorry for people on “that ...

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Phablets Are Stupid (The Smaller The Better)


Phablets are stupid. I don’t like them. If I had my way, “the next big thing” would be small. Well, smaller than a Galaxy Note, for sure, and honestly, smaller than the Galaxy S4. Really, it would be about the ...

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For The iOS7 Haters…


A lot of people dislike iOS 7. They can’t stand it. They are passionate about hating it. Even rabid Apple fans. I don’t quite get it, though I am trying to understand where they are coming from. Personally, I love ...

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iPad Air Smart Case Review


The bottom line: The iPad Air Smart Case excels as a stylish, lightweight and high-quality protective enclosure. It fails a little bit at being a stand.

Since I ordered my iPad Air and the corresponding smart case ($79) from Apple ...

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Inside Path, the BMW of Social Networks (Pics)

Dark side beware...

Path, the social network born in the mobile era that caters to your close friends and family (like 150 connections or less), is on a roll. Last April, Path snagged a $250 million valuation and just recently passed the ...

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Picture Interview: Matt Wilson, Co-Founder of Under30Media

Zip line through the canopy on the Under30CEO GREEN Business Tour Costa Rica.

The Picture Interview series is brand new and launches today with Matt Wilson (@mattwilsontv), the Co-Founder of Under30Media. The concept of this series is to let interesting people share their favorite smartphone photos with you along with ...

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Game of Fame: Galaxy on Fire 2 (Pics)


When it comes to iOS gaming, few games garner as much love from fans or are produced with such high quality/standards as the Galaxy on Fire series. The scope of the game is incredible, the graphics are tasty and the ...

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I Feel Like I’m Watching Apple Disintegrate (Update)


Update: Check out this article for more background info.

It came to my attention today that Apple owns this patent that allows the Camera in my iPhone to be disabled. The exact language that bother me is “disable a function ...

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Review: Day One Journal App Is Worth Downloading and Using


What do Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin all have in common? They all kept journals. Somehow journaling became a “girly” thing to do in recent years, but in reality it’s perfectly manly. While sites like Facebook will ...

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Apple Should Charge More for the iPhone, Not Less


Reports are surfacing today that Apple is considering a “low-cost” iPhone option for overseas markets like China (via DigiTimes and WSJ). Obviously, this is aimed at making more money by selling more iPhones in places where paying American-style prices ...

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Drop the iPhone 5 for a Galaxy Note? You’ve Got to be Kidding


Last week I ran across an article titled Why I Might Drop the iPhone 5 for the Galaxy Note II, and You Should Too by Ed Zitron. I’m sorry to say, this is a terrible article in my opinion with ...

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Microsoft Office Vs Apple iWork Vs Google Drive

iwork iOS

Today I wanted to post a few quick thoughts about Office, iWork and Google Drive. I use them all (for different things) and I believe it gives me (and you) a valuable snapshot as to what strengths each service currently ...

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Would You Buy An Apple iWatch?


There has been a flurry of blog posts lately about the rumored iWatch, or smart watch, from Apple. Here’s TechCrunch’s coverage of the rumor. Diehard Apple fans will probably be drooling over the possibility as anything new from Apple tends ...

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Is Siri Really This Stupid? Yikes


I love Apple products but Siri is ticking me off lately. The typical Apple product is simple and easy to use. Well, today I discovered that Siri is a little too simple… as in stupid. I love using Siri to ...

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Is Apple’s Magic Officially Gone?


Most people seem to think Apple will always be the Apple so many people have come to know and love in recent years, but Steve Jobs would be the first person to remind us that even the mighty can fall ...

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See Further: Stand on the Shoulders of Giants


Isaac Newton is famous for saying that if he saw further than other people it was because he stood on the shoulders of giants. In his case he was referring to the science foundations laid by those who came before ...

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20 Fun & Unique iPad Accessories

Rover App-Controlled Spy Tank with Night Vision

You’re about to feast your lucky eyes on 20 of the most fun, unique, cool and, of course, useful iPad accessories the world has ever known. There’s a slight chance that you’ve seen one or two of these before, but ...

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iOS 6 Panorama Camera Function Review + Tips


If you just purchased the iPhone 5, upgraded to iOS 6 on a previous model or are thinking about doing either, one feature you are sure to love is the new panorama feature on the built-in camera app. I played ...

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Paid Apps Make My iPad Worthwhile


According to TechCrunch, most apps (89%) that are downloaded are free apps. What’s interesting to me is the fact that I get the most value from paid apps, not free apps (which seems a bit ironic).

Just like anyone ...

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Radar: ‘Instant Lab’ for iPhone Polaroids + More


Radar keeps you informed on the latest in cool and useful tech. Follow @DailyTekk on Twitter to stay up-to-date. Here’s what’s on my radar today:

Instant Lab: The New Polaroid Experience for Your iPhone

The Verge turned me onto a ...

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