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BugHerd Review: The Tool Every Web Designer/Developer Should Start Using Immediately

I’ve designed my fair share of websites over the last decade. In that time I’ve discovered that one of the trickiest parts of creating a website for a client is miscommunication. In any web design project involving more than one person there’s a good chance unclear and/or inadequate instructions will run rampant. There are plenty of reasons why this happens. …

EditorBugHerd Review: The Tool Every Web Designer/Developer Should Start Using Immediately
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Top Five Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile UX Design

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Alon Even—VP of Marketing at Appsee. Developers, publishing houses and companies are all engaged in some form in a constant learning process that teaches them the best ways to create engaging and top selling mobile apps that will hopefully realize immediate success. There are also some common pitfalls that developers know of …

EditorTop Five Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile UX Design
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Personalized Online Family Shopping

Millions of products. Thousands of stores. Instant personalization. That is what you get with an app called Sift. We all know that email was never designed for shopping; so its not surprising that sales and deals you care about may go unread in email. Sift helps you save tons of time and money by aggregating all of you shopping and …

EditorPersonalized Online Family Shopping
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A Messaging App for Groups of College Students

Messaging apps are everywhere and college students use messaging apps by the quad-load. It only makes sense that someone would develop a messaging app just for them. Quad is the first group chat app for college students that lets up to 500 people communicate, plan and get things done more efficiently than conventional email lists. To the quad! Aside from …

EditorA Messaging App for Groups of College Students
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Stop Missing Life’s Most Important Photos

The best photos aren’t always the prettiest, but it’s the prettiest that get shared on Facebook and Instagram. There are many ways to share photos with friends and family but none stand out in my mind in terms of uniqueness and usefulness as Cluster. Cluster allows people to build private, collaborative photo albums with friends. Though originally built for events, …

EditorStop Missing Life’s Most Important Photos
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Self-Storage Used to Suck

We all have junk memories that we’ve got to store somewhere. If you have run out of room in your basement, closets, garage and shed (assuming you have one) and you have already exhausted the storage areas of any friends and family willing to give your stuff asylum, you really only have one option left: put your stuff in storage. …

EditorSelf-Storage Used to Suck
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Teach Kids to Program Through Play

The apps I read about kids making these days are startlingly cool. They are way past anything I could personally build. If you want to give your kid a headstart in today’s world, you should help them learn how to program. Thanks to, your child doesn’t have to wait to being understanding logic and how programming fundamentally works—that is, …

EditorTeach Kids to Program Through Play
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Sphero Review: This Is The Future of Fun

Ever since I first laid eyes on it, I wanted it. It goes by an interesting name: Sphero. It’s a toy, and like you might have derived from the name it’s a sphere. Not just any sphere. Nope—this is a sphere that you can control with your smartphone or tablet. It glows, it sounds like R2D2 and it comes with …

EditorSphero Review: This Is The Future of Fun
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Lifehack: Compare Offline Services Online

“People just assume that they can’t compare prices online on offline services like haircuts, massages, dry cleaners, and oil changes,” says Jay Shek, CEO of Locality. Locality makes every service at every local business searchable online by price, ratings, and availability. “Consumers thank us for helping them save money and time on the services and errands they run in real …

EditorLifehack: Compare Offline Services Online
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How PocketHits Brings You The Internet’s Most Interesting Content

I love curated content. As the Editor of DailyTekk, I’m always on the look out for interesting technology articles. On a personal level, I’m always on the hunt for interesting stories—period. I keep a personal list of gems of sources that consistently unearth and deliver interesting curated content (I feel another roundup coming on) but one of my absolute favorites …

EditorHow PocketHits Brings You The Internet’s Most Interesting Content