Swivl review: turn your iPhone into a personal cameraman

Let me introduce you to Swivl ($299): part robotic cameraman, part app and part cloud service. If you’re a person with knowledge to share, Swivl may just be your new best friend. Teachers or presenters of any type… prepare to have your mind completely blow. Put simply, Swivl captures the audio, video and slides of […]

5 New Photo Sharing Apps for iPhone

Without a doubt one of the most important features of a smartphone these days is a great camera and with the latest release of the iPhone, the camera functionality is better than ever. If you are still texting photos with Apple’s built-in messaging app or sending them via email, allow me to introduce you to […]

Eye-Fi: Wireless Wow-Factor

The Eye-Fi is one of those technologies that actually made me go “Wow, I WANT that.” It’s that cool. Sometimes you see something new and think, “Meh, it’s interesting,” or, “It’s cool, but I don’t have to have one.” That’s not this. This is something that truly made an impression on me when I first […]

The Story Behind the Lytro Camera

When I first heard of the Lytro camera, I flipped out. I wanted one so bad because, well, it’s so different. I remember thinking, “Wow, now there is something that is truly outside of the box.” I was so impressed by the capabilities that I had to know more. Thankfully, Kira Wampler who heads up Marketing at Lytro […]


I Feel Like I’m Watching Apple Disintegrate (Update)

Update: Check out this article for more background info. It came to my attention today that Apple owns this patent that allows the Camera in my iPhone to be disabled. The exact language that bother me is “disable a function of the device.” Why? Let’s say I am at a concert or filming a police […]


Visual Gift Guide: 100 Drool-Inducing Tech Presents for Christmas 2012

Welcome to DailyTekk’s first annual Visual Gift Guide where we show you the top 100 hottest tech gifts for the holiday season. While other tech sites are reviewing products one by one, we’re giving you the good stuff all at once. So here’s your chance to virtual window shop your way to Christmas bliss. How […]


iOS 6 Panorama Camera Function Review + Tips

If you just purchased the iPhone 5, upgraded to iOS 6 on a previous model or are thinking about doing either, one feature you are sure to love is the new panorama feature on the built-in camera app. I played around with it this weekend in the mountains while the aspens were turning bright yellow […]


DTF: Samsung MultiView Point and Shoot Camera

Decent point and shoot cameras are a dime a dozen these days. In fact, point and shoot cameras probably won’t be with us for much longer thanks to the ubiquity of decent cameras now found in iPhones, Winphones and Android devices. Even so, the 16 megapixel Samsung MV800 (MV stands for MultiView) deserves some attention […]

Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 1.41.48 PM

DTF: The iPhone Remote for Photography by Photojojo

What’s the one thing I am always wishing I had for my iPhone? A camera remote. Imagine how happy I was to find The iPhone Remote by Photojojo! The remote works from up to 30 feet away and comes with a detachable stand. For $40 I’d say it’s a great deal. I can’t tell you […]


Daily Tech Find: Lens Cap Strap Holder

What’s the most annoying thing about taking pictures? Holding onto/keeping track of the camera lens. Well, not anymore thanks to the The Lens Cap Strap Holder from available for purchase in the Photojojo store. I’m telling you, this little piece of genius deserves some serious attention. Now you don’t have to worry about where you […]


Daily Tech Find: olloclip iPhone Camera Lenses

iPhone photography buffs will love the Kickstarter-funded olloclip camera lens kit which include a fish-eye lens, a macro lens and a wide-angle lens. The lenses come with caps as well as a micro-fiber cleaning cloth/bag. The olloclip simply slides onto the corner of your iPhone to cover the camera. The lenses work in both photo […]

Pico Flex Dolly

Daily Tech Find: Pico Flex Dolly Smooth Motion Movable Video Tripod

Have you ever seen behind-the-scenes footage of a movie where the camera is mounted on what looks like miniature railroad tracks? You can see the camera sliding across the terrain on these tracks to provide a smooth camera shot–essentially a moving tripod of sorts. Well, that kind of cool cinematography is now available for your […]

Kogeto Dot

Daily Tech Find: Kogeto Dot Shoots 360° Panoramic iPhone Videos

The Kogeto Dot is an iPhone 4 / 4S lens attachment that shoots 360° panoramic videos. If you’re mind boggles at the concept like mine did when I first heard about it, don’t worry. It’s one of those things you have to see to believe. The videos produced using the Dot are called Dotspots and you […]


Daily Tech Find: Swivl Motorized Camera Stand

Making movies just keeps getting cheaper and easier for the average person. Need proof? Check out the Swivl motorized camera stand which acts as your own personal camera man (see video below). The Swivl is usable by any camera that is 11mm thick or under (like an iPhone). It works like this: you hold the included […]