Withings Activite Pop 5

Withings Activite Pop Review (Coral Pink)

Withings has created a stylish piece of wearable technology that seamlessly blends the classical with the modern. There’s a lot to like about this classy Fitbit alternative which comes in several different colors. See how it stacks up against the Apple Watch and more in this up-close and personal look at the Activite Pop Coral.


Goji Play: use an iPad to turn your treadmill into a video game console (review)

Exercise usually isn’t all that fun. Unless your crazy. But if you’re sane it’s probably more of a chore. It’s something you have to do, especially if you want to stay in shape. Well for the past few weeks I’ve been testing a new device that aims to make exercising fun. It’s called the Goji […]


Strides habit tracking app review: it works

We all want to be better people. There’s no question about that. But can an app really help make that happen? I’ve recently tested an app that can, at least incrementally, help people improve. It’s called Strides ($3.99), it’s a goal and habit tracker and it’s one of the top paid apps in the App […]


Withings Smart Body Analyzer: a smart scale with sleek style (review)

It seems like every week there’s a new fitness tracking device, doesn’t it? Personally I like many of them, but my favorite fitness tracker thus far is a scale. More precisely, it’s a smart scale. It’s called the Withings Smart Body Analyzer ($149.95) and it’s a [highlight type=”dark”]one-stop shop for tracking one’s health that looks […]


94Fifty smart basketball review

The ball don’t lie—those were the first words I first took note of while unpacking the 94Fifty smart sensor basketball ($249). The premise is simple: 94Fifty’s smart sensor basketball provides players and coaches with immediate feedback in a few crucial areas of performance in order to help them improve their game. The ball itself is regulation […]


Withings Pulse O2 review: my favorite fitness tracker to-date

I love the idea of using technology to stay healthier. I’ve already listed 10 terrific fitness tracking devices in addition to 100 ways tech can help keep you fit, but I haven’t yet written up my hands-on experience with an actual fitness tracker. As far as fitness trackers go, I’ve used both the wearable kind (think FitBit) […]


Sessions: Online Health Coaching that Works

Health (and everything it encompasses like exercising and eating right) is so important, but far to few people (myself included) really nail down an awesome (much less effective) health routine. My wife and I have often complained how much easier it must be for celebrities with their personal trainers. To put it delicately, if you’ve […]


The Ultimate Lifehack for 2013: 200+ Incredible Sites & Services

Are you ready to ruin any chance you had of getting any work done today? This list represents “the best of the best” of the tech world’s resources DailyTekk curated over 2012. Culled from nearly 30 top 100 lists, this exclusive roundup represents the top 10 Editor’s Choice selections from our most popular lists of […]


100 Ways to Get Fit & Stay Healthy With Tech (It’s Easy)

Health and fitness are two words that can easily make people cringe. It’s hard to get fit and stay healthy (increasingly so as a person ages), but tech can make it much, much easier (not to mention much more fun). This post is #24 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, […]


10 Terrific Fitness Tracking Devices

Updated 12/16/14. Americans in general are overweight. The carbs are killing us (infographic). From tech bloggers to celebrities to everyday joes, we need to get in shape and exercise is an essential part of slimming down. While it’s true that it’s easier than ever to be unhealthy thanks to fast food, processed food and decreased activity levels […]


Daily Tech Find: Striiv Personal Trainer Motivates with Charity, Games

Clipping the $99 Striiv to your keychain means you’ve got a personal trainer in your pocket. The little device boasts some pretty impressive results: the average Striiv user walks 3 miles a day for 60 minutes which is about double the national average. This little puppy is designed to motivate your butt into shape. At no […]