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The top 10 gadgets of 2014 according to Google search results


What were the top Google searches for tech gadgets in the US in 2014?

  1. iPhone 6
  2. Samsung Galaxy s5
  3. Nexus 6
  4. Apple Watch
  5. Chromecast
  6. Xbox One
  7. Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  8. LG G3
  9. Moto 360
  10. Surface Pro 3

I’m sure Google ...

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Dark Energy Reservoir premium USB charger (review)


I’ve got a [highlight]new favorite portable power source[/highlight] and it goes by the name of Dark Energy Reservoir ($129). It’s got the three s’s a portable USB charger needs to win me over: it’s [highlight]small, sleek and simple to use[/highlight]....

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Gtar: the best, and coolest, way to learn to play guitar (review)


The Gtar ($399) is one of those things I knew I had to have the moment I saw it. For those still in the dark, Gtar is [highlight]a smart electric guitar that teaches people how to play[/highlight], you guessed it, ...

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Galileo: a robotic device that lets you remote control your iPhone (review)


I’m a sucker for three things: robots, unique iPhone camera accessories and stuff that makes me say, “Whoa!” the first time I see it. The Bluetooth-enabled Galileo robotic motion controller ($149.95) for iPhone is all three.

The Galileo is a ...

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LandingZone Dock for MacBook Pro (with Retina Display) Review


The great thing about MacBook’s is that they are powerful and portable. But the downside to any notebook is that when you bring it home, it can be quite a task re-integrating it into your desk setup. If you frequently ...

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Nude Audio Move L Bluetooth Speaker: simple, portable, unique (review)


Sitting on the desk in front of my is a Nude Audio Move L Bluetooth speaker and I can’t stop listening to. Or staring at it. It’s the biggest of Nude Audio’s Move family of speakers and that of course ...

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HISY iPhone camera remote: the best way to take selfies (review)


One of my favorite new gadgets is [highlight]about the size of a quarter.[/highlight] It’s called the HISY ($25) and it’s a wireless (Bluetooth) iPhone camera shutter remote that [highlight]makes snapping selfies and group photos you actually want to be in ...

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Teach Kids to Program Through Play


The apps I read about kids making these days are startlingly cool. They are way past anything I could personally build. If you want to give your kid a headstart in today’s world, you should help them learn how to ...

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Sphero Review: This Is The Future of Fun


Ever since I first laid eyes on it, I wanted it. It goes by an interesting name: Sphero. It’s a toy, and like you might have derived from the name it’s a sphere. Not just any sphere. Nope—this is ...

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Now You Can Charge Your Phone With Fire


So you’re in LA when “the big one” hits and the power goes out… and stays out for days. It’s going to be painful going without your phone—disconnected from the world. Psych! You’re covered because you are the smart owner ...

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This Is The Coolest Pet Accessory Ever


A few years ago I adopted a dog who absolutely hates being home alone. Alex Neskin had a dog named Rocky who could relate. The technical term is separation anxiety. Alex invented an ingenious device called the Petcube that helps ...

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Answered: Is Google Glass Dorky or Cool?


Google Glass is coming, but will the world see through—and embrace—it’s quirkiness? Early explorers, and the people they come in contact with, are already forming opinions. But whether they love it or hate it may be beside the point ...

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Revolv Makes Your Smart Home Even Smarter


If you are a true gadget lover, you probably have some fun toys installed around the house (or wish you did). Gadgets like Sonos wireless speakers, Philips Hue WiFi lights and Belkin WeMo switches. All of these devices are awesome ...

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MOS Is a Sleek, Useful Cable Management System for Apple Devices


Technically the MOS is a magnetic cable organization system designed to compliment MacBooks, but it looks more like a dazzling sculpture. It’s one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” products that was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Greg Petersen, ...

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Great Gadgets I Discovered On eBay: My Collections (Part 2)


In part 1 of this series, I introduced you to a new feature on eBay called Collections that lets you organize your favorite technology (and other) finds into groups that people can follow (you can follow me here). I ...

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DoorBot: The Video Doorbell for Your Smarthome


Ding-dong. Who’s at your door? You don’t know. You gotta go peek through the blinds… but wait, they might spot you. What if it is some pesky religious group? Or a salesman? On the other hand, what if it’s a ...

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MyGadgets: Know How Much Your Gadget Collection Is Worth

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 7.00.45 AM

eBay just launched a really cool new feature called MyGadgets. It lets you quickly figure out what your gadget collection would be worth (either individual items or the entire group) if you were to list them for sale right ...

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I Wish Best Buy Would Live On, But Here’s Why It Will Die


Oh Best Buy… the last bastion of electronic superstoreness left over from the good ol’ nineties. How I mourn thee. People have been calling Best Buy Amazon’s showroom for quite some time now in jest, and, while that might be ...

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10 Terrific Fitness Tracking Devices


Updated 12/16/14. Americans in general are overweight. The carbs are killing us (infographic). From tech bloggers to celebrities to everyday joes, we need to get in shape and exercise is an essential part of slimming down. While it’s true ...

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Cool Tech This Week #2


Aesthetics are important considerations for today’s savvy tech consumer (aka, our readers) and the Cool Tech This Week series aims to showcase products with excellent design. Here we post a product’s name and a large picture and nothing else. If ...

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