Culer AC100 Personal Space Cooler Review

If you’ve never been in a video studio, you wouldn’t realize that you can’t be running anything that makes loud noises — including air conditioning or fans — because microphones are super sensitive and pick up an incredible amount of sound. You also wouldn’t know that certain filming setups include lots of lighting; and sometimes […]

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The 10 Best New Awesome Tech Product Launches This Week – 9/11/15

There was a big Apple announcement this week which gave us some cool new products to drool over and which also talked about some fun updates to existing products. But there was plenty happening outside the Apple ecosystem as well; there are a few can’t miss new apps below, a great new speaker, some bone […]

Apple TV 1

The New Apple TV: See the Best New Features in About 2 Minutes

If Apple is using the word Pro to describe it’s new bigger products like the iPad Pro then maybe the new Apple TV should be called the Apple TV Pro because it looks like it’s about twice the size of the old Apple TV. But there’s a reason it’s so big: it’s packing a lot […]

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iPad Pro: See the Best New Features in Under 2 Minutes

The iPad Pro is a giant and you’ll be able to pick one up starting at $799 for a 32GB version. It’s got a 12.9” Retina display that packs in 5.6 million pixels — that’s more pixels than a 15” MacBook Pro with Retina Display. With this iPad you’re getting 78% more viewing area over […]

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The Best, Most-Ultimate Computer Setup to End All Computer Setups

Editor’s note: Lew from Unbox Therapy teamed up with LG to give away a dream computer setup including their UltraWide monitors. To enter you had to write about your dream setup. I thought it would be fun, so… What would my dream computer setup look like? If I had say $10,000 to spend? I’d want […]

2nd Jackery Attempt 1

Jackery Air, Fit and Giant Portable Battery Review: Awesome, But Watch Out…

If you own an iPhone or flagship Android phone, a tablet or a portable gaming device: you need a portable battery pack. I just tested 3 amazing portable batteries from Jackery and was really impressed. BUT… watch out for that…

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The 10 Best New Awesome Tech Product Launches This Week – 9/4/15

Starting today I’ll be posting the coolest new technology products announced during the week each Friday. It’ll be a highly curated list of the best new apps, gadgets and tech startup launches. Why? I want to make it easy for you to catch up on the latest tech news in just a minute or two. I’ll be […]

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Dear Everyone: Don’t Ever Buy a 16GB iPhone (or Android Phone)

16GB of storage on a phone isn’t nearly enough. This is a post I’ve been thinking about writing forever but never got around to because I kept reading rumors that the next version of the iPhone wouldn’t have a 16GB model to choose from. But now I’m seeing rumors that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus might […]


The 3 Best Android Wear Watches You Can Buy NOW (Apple Watch Alternatives)

Now that iPhone users can officially use Android Wear, I thought it was time for a new Android Wear smartwatch roundup. The thing is… if you like Apple products you’re probably going to stick with them and if you like Android products you’re most likely to stick with them. It will be interesting, to say the […]

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3 Cheap(er) Ways to Get a Gold Apple Watch (Apple Watch Edition Alternatives)

Want an Apple Watch Edition (the gold Apple Watch) but don’t have $10,000 laying around to make it happen? Well, you’re in luck (sort of) as there are a few companies that will gold plate your less expensive Apple Watch for a few hundred dollars or so. What’s interesting is that the hardware contained within […]

Marley Double Review 2

House of Marley Get Together Speaker and Liberate XLBT Headphones Double Review

This is a double review of the Liberate XLBT Bluetooth headphones and the Get Together Bluetooth speaker both from House of Marley, a company owned by Bob Marley’s family and which produces products made out of recycled and responsibly produced materials. So let’s start with the Liberate XLBT Bluetooth cans. The Liberate XLBTs can be […]

MX Master Mouse Review 4K 3

Video: Logitech MX Master Mouse Review (In 4K)

The MX Master mouse from Logitech is a wireless mouse that’s made for power users. People who hate limits and like to customize. I’m going to start off with my personal favorite feature of this mouse: it’s darkfield laser tracking. In English this means the mouse works on just about any surface — even glass. That’s […]

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Video: Mikol Marble iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Case Review (Best Case Ever)

So the main feature of this case it what it’s made out of: marble. Luxury materials means luxury case. But at $99 is it worth it? The back of this case is where you’ll find the marble. It’s a thin layer that’s surrounded on the sides by some plastic edging. Although I wasn’t really sure […]


The 3 Best New Affordable (Budget) 4K Cameras Available Now

Looking for an awesome 4K video cam? You’ve come to the right place. Shooting in 4K is becoming more accessible/affordable every year. And that’s important because devices consumers can play 4K footage on, like TVs, computers, tablets and smartphones, are also becoming more accessible and affordable (see The 3 Best Affordable UHD 4K TVs You Can […]


The 3 Absolute Best (Tech-iest) Washers & Dryers You Can Buy Now (SmartWashers?!)

Everything in our houses keeps getting smarter. Today we aren’t limited to “smart” phones. The Internet of Things is fully upon us and that means connected appliances. If you ask me, the timing couldn’t be better. Washing and drying clothes is such a mundane, time-consuming task. Anything that helps a person get this chore done […]


The 3 Best Affordable UHD 4K TVs You Can Buy Right Now For Under $1,000

I have to say that UHD content really blows me away. Unlike some TV features manufacturers have hoped would win consumers over in the past few years that have turned out to be a bit underwhelming (3D TV anyone?), ultra high definition content really does make you stop and think, “Wow!” Especially when viewed next […]


The 3 Best (Affordable) Drones For Video Recording Available NOW

Drones and video go together like peanut butter and jelly. Have you ever seen footage shot from a drone? Changes are you have but might not have known it. Drones are used by Hollywood film crews all the time to achieve incredible angles that would normally not be possible (or would be far more expensive […]

Cracked iPhone 1

Getting My Cracked iPhone Screen Replaced At Apple Store (Cost + Experience)

It’s usually accidental: your iPhone slips out of your fingers, or, in my case, pocket and heads for the nearest hard surface. BAM! And you get that sinking feeling where you immediately know something is very wrong… But how do you get your cracked iPhone screen fixed? And what does it cost? Do you have […]

Touchjet Wave 2

A Gadget That Turns Your TV Into A Giant TouchScreen Tablet?

A new gadget called the TouchJet Wave is making it possible to turn any TV into a touchscreen TV. Put differently, it turns your TV into an Android-powered computer — or Smart TV — with touch functionality. Video transcript: Can you imagine turning your TV into a giant tablet? This is so cool. But that’s what […]

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Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 Video Review

What if you could buy a really awesome phone — completely unlocked — for just $250? The Idol 3 is not meant to compete with flagship Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy lineup. Instead, it’s meant to appeal to budget conscious consumers looking for a good enough phone at a great price. The first thing […]