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Rolocule RoloMotion

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Rohit Gupta, CEO of Rolocule Games who was the part of “THE SIMS 3″ engineering team at Electronic Arts (EA) headquarters in Redwood City, California. He has also held positions at Infosys ...

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Game of Fame: Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders


A Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders designer shared some behind the scenes information about the development of the game.

The first thing that makes Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders unique is definitely the attention to detail. We put a disproportionate amount of ...

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Game of Fame: Galcon Fusion

Phil Hassey created Galcon, a multiplayer arcade real-time strategy game which won an IGF award. Phil is one of the current organizers of the Ludum Dare game jam community. Most recently he launched his game Dynamite Jack on Steam ...

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Game of Fame: Bloons Tower Defense

Stephen Harris is the co-founder of Ninja Kiwi, a developer and publisher of flash web games and mobile games. He started Ninja Kiwi in 2006 with his brother Chris. Ninja Kiwi recently acquired Scottish mobile gaming studio Digital ...

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Game of Fame: EDGE

Level Edition

Matthieu Malot, lead artist of EDGE Extended, shares with us a bit of background and inside information on EDGE (Mobigame‘s multi-awarded and critically loved game) and EDGE Extended.

EDGE 2006

There is nothing narrative in EDGE, and ...

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Game of Fame: Cut the Rope


If you’re an iOS gamer, chances are you’ve played Cut the Rope (or seen and heard a lot about it at the very least). I know I have personally enjoyed playing Cut the Rope because it’s the type of game ...

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Game of Fame: Galaxy on Fire 2 (Pics)


When it comes to iOS gaming, few games garner as much love from fans or are produced with such high quality/standards as the Galaxy on Fire series. The scope of the game is incredible, the graphics are tasty and the ...

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Game of Fame: EPOCH


In this exciting edition of Game of Fame, DailyTekk gets the skinny on EPOCH, the popular touch-screen FPS game developed by a small group of talented game designers from Australia. Ed Orman, who has been developing games for 15 ...

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The Story Behind Sifteo Cubes


Here is the story behind Sifteo Cubes, the award-winning interactive gaming system that redefined what a video game could be and continues to do some serious mold-breaking (see our review of the Sifteo Cubes here). In order to ...

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