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Do Banking Apps Really Suck?

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Dave Landry jr, a marketing and finance expert who spends his free time writing and salivating over the latest tech releases. Before the first ATM machine debuted in 1969, people who needed cash had to go to a bank branch and write themselves a check — if they could […]


Ztylus iPhone camera case and Revolver Lens Kit review

I dream of a day when my iPhone will be able to replace my DSLR. Yes, that day is probably many, many years off, but until then I’ve got some fun accessories I can play around with for better iPhone pics. One such item is the Ztylus iPhone camera case and accompanying revolver lens attachment […]


Readmill: Social Reading for Smartphones

I enjoy reading a lot (when I have time). I’ve read plenty of ebooks from start to finish on my iPad/iPhone. I’m actually a pretty big iBooks fan. I like it a lot, but it’s not social. That’s where Readmill comes in. You can highlight and share passages from your reading with the community at […]


Will the New BlackBerry Z10 Be a Hit or a Flop?

Does the BlackBerry z10 signal a comeback for RIM? Are consumers going to get excited about this new phone that signals RIM’s attempt to recapture lost marketshare from Android and iOS? Can BlackBerry dominate the next generation of enterprise mobile computing? Or, as many suspect, will the z10 flub rather unspectacularly as an also-ran that […]


MyCharge Peak, Sojourn and Voyage: Never Be Without Power Again

As I use my mobile devices more and more, it seems like my batteries last less and less. That’s why I’m keen on having a backup battery handy at all times whether I’m just in the office or on a trip. I’ve used a few different battery cases for my iPhone, but I’ve yet to […]

Win a Free HTC One X+ Smartphone Worth $549.99

Yep, you read that right. We’re giving away a sweet smartphone to one lucky winner (must be resident of the USA to enter). Contest ends on February 4. All you need to do in order to win is to follow @DailyTekk on Twitter (you can get bonus points for sharing this giveaway page). Here’s a […]


Review: POP Bluetooth Retro Handset by Native Union

For those wanting to up the style ante or people who miss the good ol’ days when phones had rotary dials and curved handsets with the curly cord, the POP Bluetooth retro handset by Native Union may offer a welcome change of pace. Additionally if you are concerned about radiation hitting your head from their […]


I Feel Like I’m Watching Apple Disintegrate (Update)

Update: Check out this article for more background info. It came to my attention today that Apple owns this patent that allows the Camera in my iPhone to be disabled. The exact language that bother me is “disable a function of the device.” Why? Let’s say I am at a concert or filming a police […]


Review: BubbleShield Reusable Waterproof Sleeve for Smartphones

Water and phones don’t traditionally mix (and hopefully you didn’t have to learn that the hard way); until now, that is. The BubbleShield reusable waterproof sleeve for smartphones opens up new worlds of possibility for smartphone power users; just think, now you can relax in the bath while watching Netflix without fear of losing your […]


Sony’s New Xperia Z Phone: Who Cares?!

Sony recently announced it’s newest Android phone which is supposed to compete with the best Android-powered phones from Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, blah blah blah. Am I supposed to be impressed? While some people have pegged me as an Android-basher (especially after this article), I’m truly not. I’d give any Android a fair chance at […]


Infographic: Lifecycle of Mobile Devices

When shoppers choose a new mobile device they often expect to use it for several years. However, in the United States the average consumer never makes it to year two. Mobile device management has led many buyers to re-consider their mobile phone options after just a few months on a new operating system. Especially for employers who […]


Navigating the Post-Holiday Lull: A Guide for Mobile Game Developers

The Platform is an invitation-only guest opportunity that asks technologists and innovators to share big ideas. This week you are getting schooled by Jamie Evans (Advertising Account Manager) and Nate Barker (Publisher Relations Manager) from Chartboost. The holiday rush is over and as a mobile game developer, you’re left with a crippling eggnog addiction, tons of new users (hopefully), […]


Inside Hulu

Hulu is on a mission; a mission that droves of people have come to appreciate. That mission is to help people find and enjoy the world’s premium video content when, where and how they want it and it’s no small task. Needless to say, they are off to a good start. Hulu now offers content from […]


Infographic: Evolution of Text Messaging on Mobile Phones

The evolution of text messaging dates back to pictographs and bird delivery systems, but it can be directly related to the Finnish innovator Matti Makkonen. In 1984 Makkonen revolutionized the way communication is realized for human beings with the SMS for cell phones. Find out why texting has become more popular than talking with teens, and how […]

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The Lazy Consumer vs. The Mobile Experience

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Salvatore Salpietro, CTO Isebox.  This is getting ridiculous now. I just want to get my coupon. I want to spend money in your business, and partly because you offered me a coupon in your store – often via my mobile device. But when I try to get […]


100 Terrific Tools for Coders & Developers

Coding… the world runs on it these days. Want job security? Become a developer. Want fame and fortune? Learn to code! This post is #26 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, gadgets, apps, websites and services in a given category. Total items listed: 107. Time to compile: 6+ hours. Follow @DailyTekk on Twitter to […]

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Is Facebook’s Future Bright or Dismal?

Despite the beating Facebook’s stock has taken recently, many people see plenty of opportunity in the company’s future. Mark Cooper, the co-founder and CMO of Offerpop says, “I believe Facebook is in a great position to reshape the digital marketing landscape, and we’ve only seen the beginning of what that might mean. Ultimately, it comes […]


Are Mobile Apps a Temporary Fad? Experts Say Andreessen is Wrong

There is a big debate raging right now over the future of native apps. In a recent interview with Wired, investor and web pioneer Marc Andreessen said, “Mobile apps on platforms like iOS and Android are a temporary step along the way toward the full mobile web.” Essentially, he’s calling native mobile apps temporary. I […]


Why Marc Andreessen Is Wrong About Mobile Apps Being a Fad

Editor’s note: This article is a reaction to a statement made by investor Marc Andreessen (of Andreessen Horowitz) in a recent interview with Wired in which he stated, “The application model of the future is the web application model. The apps will live on the web. Mobile apps on platforms like iOS and Android are […]


Hmmm Debuts Personality-Based Sharing, Targets Facebook Lists and Google+ Circles

Hmmm is a new take on social sharing that flips the concept of “lists” and “circles” on its head by giving users the ability to create different Avatars based on the context of what they’re sharing and whom they’re sharing it with. I asked Archana Patchirajan, a cofounder who has a background in software programming and […]