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The 10 Best New Gadgets, Apps and Startups This Week (Pictures) – 9/18/15

Are you ready for the best, coolest, most-awesome tech products of the week? Okay, so a lot happened this week that ISN’T reflected in this roundup because I’ve already talked about it elsewhere on DailyTekk. For instance, iOS 9 became officially available this week and that included the launch of several (increasingly popular) ad blocking […]

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The 10 Best New Awesome Tech Product Launches This Week – 9/11/15

There was a big Apple announcement this week which gave us some cool new products to drool over and which also talked about some fun updates to existing products. But there was plenty happening outside the Apple ecosystem as well; there are a few can’t miss new apps below, a great new speaker, some bone […]


Find the Absolute Cheapest Flights Imaginable with these 5 Travel Hacks and Apps

The days of buying airline tickets through mega-sites like Orbitz, Travelocity, Kayak, Priceline and Expedia are long gone. Welcome to the new era of finding incredible travel deals where you can save hundreds of dollars on airfare if you just know where to look. I’m talking about flights for as cheap as 40-80% off. These […]

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Wiith Is The App That Helps You Meet New Friends

They say true friendship is when you walk into someone’s house and the WiFi connects automatically. So how often does that happen to you? Is it time to find some new friends? It happens. People move, eras end and new ones begin, people change, the world changes… stuff happens. But having some great friends around can make life […]

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Bored? Need Travel Advice? HeyLets Has You Covered

I love to travel — and — I get bored easily. That makes me a typical American, I suppose. Basically, I like to experience fun things whether that’s at home, several states over or across the pond. The problem is, it’s not always 1.) fast or 2.) easy to find the best things to do […]

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One Of The Most Annoying Things In Life Just Got Fixed—Thanks MyTime

Let’s say I want a haircut. I don’t want my hair chopped by some rando, I want my regular haircutter. But I hate calling to make an appointment. I just do. I mean almost everything else I do can be done without making a call. This isn’t the early nineties; nobody calls a phone number for the […]


Wow—This App Literally Changes The Way You View Photos From Friends

What if you could time-lapse your friend’s day and watch it on your new Apple Watch (or on your iPhone)? That’s sort of the idea behind a new app called Rewind which allows you to feel like you are uber-connected to people in your life (via photos); almost as if you’re actually experiencing their day (or at least […]

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The Instagram Killer? This Photo Social Network Is So Good It Makes Me Giddy

I love photography—especially mobile photography. I love to take amazing photos on my iPhone and I also love to see incredible photos taken by other people. It’s basically what makes Instagram so appealing. But aside from Instagram, there are some other interesting photo social networks popping up and making a splash. One in particular that has […]

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The First Wave Of Internet Communication Apps Is Ending—What’s Next?

There are so many chat apps it’s breaking my brain to try to think of them all. We’ve covered several here—recently—on DailyTekk. So why, oh why, would we be covering yet another one? Well, that’s sort of an unfair question, but since you wondered: DailyTekk loves tech and startups that actually help people live better […]

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5 Apps For The New Entrepreneur

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Nick Rojas. If you’re an entrepreneur, the right apps can save you time and money, make you more efficient, organize your schedule and unify your employees. There are probably more apps than there are businesses — and many of them are blatant rip-offs of other apps that […]

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JetMe Let’s You Name Your Price To Book A Private Jet

There isn’t anything like flying in a private jet. And the keyword there is private. There are no crying babies (unless you brought one with you), no passengers with coughs or colds (again, unless you brought one with you) and no cramped quarters. It’s luxury in the skies. Have you ever wanted to fly in a […]


Technology Just Made Visiting The Optometrist For A New Prescription Obsolete

I don’t wear glasses—I’m one of the lucky people who don’t need them (yet). But if I did, I would love Blink. Blink is an on-demand vision testing service that comes to your home, work or anywhere to provide you with a convenient prescription for glasses. Like ClickMechanic (see Getting Your Car Fixed Just Became SO […]

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This App Pulls HD Photos Out Of Your Videos With A Tap

While the iPhone does technically make it possible to take photos while taking a video, it’s tough to pull of well in the real world. That’s mostly because it’s kind of hard to concentrate on two things at once. If you’re taking a good video, you probably can’t take a really great photo at the same time […]

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Getting Your Car Fixed Just Became SO Much Easier (And Cheaper)

“Do you know what a good mechanic is worth? You can’t compare that to sex.” You’ll likely recognize this quote from Seinfeld; it’s funny, sure, but the underlying sentiment/stigmatism we all attach to mechanics is that they will rip us off. In fact, taking a car to the shop is one of life’s least enjoyable errands. […]

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Whipclip Is The Legal, Easy Way To Share TV Clips With Friends

GIFs are all the rage right now—and for good reason. They are easy to share and they can nail a mood or get a point across nicely. But sometimes GIFs are crappy—okay, most of the time. If it was easier to share real video clips from favorite TV shows, I’m sure most people would. Happily, […]


Rithm Is The Best Way To Share (And Discover) Music With Friends

Sharing and discovering music is a big part of friendship. It’s a big part of life. That’s why Rithm exists as a better way to share and play music with your friends. “There’s a social experience of music that today’s other music services don’t deliver—it comes from sharing and talking about songs and listening to songs […]


MTailor Is The Coolest, Best-Priced Way To Order A Quality Custom Dress Shirt (Review)

Finding a dress shirt that fits good can be hard, expensive or both. If you just go to a department store you’re going to get a shirt that can fit anybody and it’s really a matter of luck whether or not go find a shirt that fits really well. If you go to a tailor […]

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Using This Startup Is The Easiest, Safest Way To Get Your House Cleaned

Helpling is not the cheapest way to get a house or office space cleaned. The cheapest way would be to do it yourself. But realistically, our lives are getting busier every day (hey I need that 30 minutes of phone/Internet/gaming/reading time every night). And so the thought crosses our mind, inevitably, that we could hire someone […]


Via Redefines Public Transit; Take An Escalade Instead Of A Bus For Just $5

If you live in a city like New York there are a few ways to get around town, but some make more sense than others: hop a subway, take a cab, walk/run, bike it Casey Neistat style, drive your own car (not the best idea) or use a service like Uber. Well there’s a new […]


This Free App Let’s You Vaporize Embarrassing Or Private Texts

Texting can go wrong—and it frequently does. We’ve all experienced horrible autocorrect fails, moments of anger or stupidity we’d love to take back and have sent messages to the wrong contact. It’s all painful and/or embarrassing stuff. That’s exactly why Ken Fried founded VaporChat: a free chatting app for iPhone and Android that allows you […]