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Top Five Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile UX Design

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Alon Even—VP of Marketing at Appsee. Developers, publishing houses and companies are all engaged in some form in a constant learning process that teaches them the best ways to create engaging and top selling mobile apps that will hopefully realize immediate success. There are also some common pitfalls that developers know of …

EditorTop Five Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile UX Design
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Stop Missing Life’s Most Important Photos

The best photos aren’t always the prettiest, but it’s the prettiest that get shared on Facebook and Instagram. There are many ways to share photos with friends and family but none stand out in my mind in terms of uniqueness and usefulness as Cluster. Cluster allows people to build private, collaborative photo albums with friends. Though originally built for events, …

EditorStop Missing Life’s Most Important Photos
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Self-Storage Used to Suck

We all have junk memories that we’ve got to store somewhere. If you have run out of room in your basement, closets, garage and shed (assuming you have one) and you have already exhausted the storage areas of any friends and family willing to give your stuff asylum, you really only have one option left: put your stuff in storage. …

EditorSelf-Storage Used to Suck
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Oh Dang! From Instagram to Oil Paintings

“That’s insane!” was the first thought to run through my head when I first saw what the creative talent at PIXELI.ST was capable of. I’m really excited to get to introduce you to this company if you haven’t run into them yet. Most companies are doing their best to turn the physical world digital but here’s a company doing the …

EditorOh Dang! From Instagram to Oil Paintings
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Marquee—A Tool For Easily Publishing Gorgeous Content

You could say I do a lot of writing/blogging. Some of the articles I create take over 14 hours to produce. That’s a lot of time staring at a screen and working within an interface (WordPress for me, currently). So with that information as a point of reference, let me tell you that I was floored when I saw the …

EditorMarquee—A Tool For Easily Publishing Gorgeous Content
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MOS Is a Sleek, Useful Cable Management System for Apple Devices

Technically the MOS is a magnetic cable organization system designed to compliment MacBooks, but it looks more like a dazzling sculpture. It’s one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” products that was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Greg Petersen, the co-creator of MOS, puts it like this: “It is such a simple idea that anyone can understand. When customers …

EditorMOS Is a Sleek, Useful Cable Management System for Apple Devices
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Good.Co Helps You Figure Yourself Out

Have you ever wondered what makes you tick? If you are interested in discovering your personality type, you should check out Good.Co. It’s a self-discovery network that helps you find out how compatible you are with friends, co-workers, jobs and even companies. Using a metric called FitScore, an algorithm determines similarities in things like attitudes, conflict management and complimentary potential. …

EditorGood.Co Helps You Figure Yourself Out
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what3words: An Alternative to Zipcodes

Are you ready for an interesting alternative to the postal code system? Personally, I love it when someone rethinks an idea that has been around for decades upon decades. what3words has mapped every 3m x 3m square in the world with 3 words from the dictionary, providing each square with a unique, memorable 3 word address. Make sure to snoop …

Editorwhat3words: An Alternative to Zipcodes
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Sprig: Dinner On Demand

Bottom line: The price is right for hassle-free food selection, delivery and payment. Get in on a good thing before everyone else by signing up to be notified of expansion right this minute. How would you like to eat food crafted by former Google executive chef Nate Keller who has cooked for some pretty amazing celebrities, including the Clintons, U2, …

EditorSprig: Dinner On Demand
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Climbur Issue #67

Readmill – A beautiful, social, mobile eBook reader. Prefundia – Showcasing products about to launch on Kickstarter. At The Pool – Find new people, new experiences. Sessions – Learn how to make exercise a habit. Sprig – Fresh and delicious dinner on demand. – Get sleep and don’t work too hard. I tend to be a workaholic so this was …

EditorClimbur Issue #67