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Climbur Issue #62

HelloFresh – Healthy recipes and ingredients shipped to your door to make in under 30 minutes. Peerby – Borrow things you need from people in your neighborhood. Love Home Swap – Swap or rent homes from people like you. ShopLocket – The fastest way to take payment info and charge later. ResearchGate – Social science. – The majority of our …

EditorClimbur Issue #62
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Climbur Issue #61

HireArt - A software-automated employment agency. Nara - Find restaurants and hotels you’ll love anywhere. Gigya - A connected consumer management platform. Bottica - The world’s luxury bazaar of fashion accessories. Canary -  An iPhone calendar app. – LinkedIn: Don’t send InMails. You can figure out almost anyone’s email address by guessing the variations and trying them out on a program like We started …

EditorClimbur Issue #61
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Climbur Issue #60

StrongLoop – An API tier for connecting enterprise data to devices and browsers. dotCloud – Deploy, manage and scale any web app. SwiftKey – Faster, easier, more accurate typing for tablets and phones. Whitetruffle – Matching tech talent with the best startup jobs. younity – Your personal cloud (without syncing). Lively – Lively provides older adults with a secure and …

EditorClimbur Issue #60

Climbur Issue #59

POP – Easily launch your business or idea online with a custom domain name. Mulu –  Auto-illustrates and makes content shoppable in real time. ZEFR – A SaaS platform for brand and content management on YouTube. Zypsee – A taxi alternative and black car service for Manhattan. Swayy – Discover and share the most engaging content on social media. ToyTalk …

EditorClimbur Issue #59
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Startup Stories: Onesheet

I’ve spent some time in the music industry and there aren’t a lot of really useful tools out there for musicians. There are some, as we’ve catalogued, but one of the best is definitely Onesheet. So, I recently interviewed Brenden Mulligan, the design-focused, product-oriented entrepreneur behind the service. Aside from this project, he’s also created TipList, Webbygram, MorningPics, and PhotoPile and is currently working on a …

EditorStartup Stories: Onesheet
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Picture Interview: Dave Fowler, Founder of Chartio

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty intrigued by data (from data visualization tools to Big Data), so naturally I was interested in learning more about Chartio, “The easiest business dashboard you’ll ever use.” You pop your data in and Chartio makes it look nice and readable. It’s definitely worth a look if you are looking to derive intelligence from …

EditorPicture Interview: Dave Fowler, Founder of Chartio
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Startup Stories: Birchbox—Discover Beauty and Grooming Products

What if you could get hand-picked beauty, grooming and lifestyle products delivered to your house for just $10 a month? Save time, get recommendations, lots of choice? Well you can thanks to Birchbox, the startup that is doing nothing short of redefining the retail process. From TIME to Marie Claire to ADWEEK to Us Weekly, everyone seems to be interested …

EditorStartup Stories: Birchbox—Discover Beauty and Grooming Products
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Inside Path, the BMW of Social Networks (Pics)

Path, the social network born in the mobile era that caters to your close friends and family (like 150 connections or less), is on a roll. Last April, Path snagged a $250 million valuation and just recently passed the 2 million user mark. Dave Morin, Path’s CEO, recently said, “If Facebook is like a Chevy, we’re trying to be like a …

EditorInside Path, the BMW of Social Networks (Pics)
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Startup Stories: Slice, the Service that Organizes Everything You Buy

When I first read about Slice and investigated their website, I was impressed (to say the least). It’s one of those services that makes you think, “Wow, why hasn’t someone thought of that before now,” and “How did I live without it.” It’s that useful. Essentially, Slice tracks your packages to the extreme; you can literally know when a bouquet …

EditorStartup Stories: Slice, the Service that Organizes Everything You Buy
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Startup Stories: Contactually

DailyTekk has long been a fan of Contactually, the startup that brings you better relationship management in your email, ever since we discovered them while researching resources to feature in a roundup titled 50 Ways to Make Email More Productive and Enjoyable. I’m sure glad we asked Zvi, the CEO and co-founder, to tell us about his startup journey. Has …

EditorStartup Stories: Contactually
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Startup Stories: Expensify

Prepare to laugh and learn on this edition of Startup Stories where we get a first-hand glimpse into the genesis of Expensify, whose playful slogan “Expense reports that don’t suck” should clue you in to the fact that this is no boring story. David Barrett, Expensify’s founder who has been a programmer since age 6, who ironically hates expense reports, sheds some …

EditorStartup Stories: Expensify
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45 Simple Yet Profound Startup Insights

It is a truism that you can see further by standing on the shoulders of giants and this article is geared toward helping you do just that. It is packed full of inspirational and informative gold nuggets that will help any founder or startup team power through to the end zone. I’ve collected, broken down and simplified the profound thoughts …

Editor45 Simple Yet Profound Startup Insights
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Can’t Miss Startup Advice (November)

Welcome to the fourth edition of CMSA. If you like this series TRUST ME you don’t want to miss the motherlode coming out on Monday. Now down to business. DailyTekk loves startups, especially tech startups. We do everything we can to expose companies we think are awesome as well as to support budding entrepreneurs. To that end we have a …

EditorCan’t Miss Startup Advice (November)
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CustomMade’s Top Takeaways from the Google Ventures Founder & CEO Summit

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Mike Salguero, the CEO and Co-Founder of CustomMade—the world’s largest online marketplace for hiring makers to create exactly what you want. To learn more, visit or follow them on Facebook and @CustomMade. A mixture of hard work and luck got CustomMade into the portfolio for Google Ventures. (Not too shabby, considering they’ve just expanded their fund to …

A Guest AuthorCustomMade’s Top Takeaways from the Google Ventures Founder & CEO Summit
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10 Random Startups You Can’t Live Without #1

As I go throughout my normal day/routine, I am constantly running into awesome startups and services. As I furiously catalog/favorite/bookmark these items I realize that there are some that really stand apart as beyond cool or useful. I’m toying with starting a new weekly/bi-weekly series that combines these amazing startups into a quick list. The thing is, they are a …

Editor10 Random Startups You Can’t Live Without #1
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100 Ways to Shop It Like It’s Hot (Categorized)

Whether you like it or not your life basically revolves around shopping. From the fun (clothes, gadgets) to the boring (groceries) you are constantly buying stuff for yourself and for others so whether shopping online and off wouldn’t you prefer to do it with a little style? This post is #28 in DailyTekk’s famous Top 100 series which explores the best startups, …

Editor100 Ways to Shop It Like It’s Hot (Categorized)
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30 Ways to Identify and Incorporate the Latest Trends

If you want to be on top of the latest trends, you can. It’s as simple as that. Most people just don’t know how to effectively harness the best new ideas, services and products. That is what this article is about: identifying and incorporating the latest trends. A trend is simply the general direction in which something is developing or …

Editor30 Ways to Identify and Incorporate the Latest Trends
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Vote Smarter: 28 Resources for Election 2012

Want to vote smarter? Now you can. Voting hasn’t changed all that much since our country began hundreds of years ago. Now, thanks to technology, you can check the facts, find politicians whose values most closely align with yours, see which of your friends are registered to vote (or not) and analyze whose receiving the most buzz on Twitter. This …

EditorVote Smarter: 28 Resources for Election 2012
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Can’t Miss Startup Advice (September)

A lot has happened since the last startup advice post here on DailyTekk that I’m sure you don’t want to miss. First, we explored the issue of failure and whether or not it was fatal. The responses will give you courage and hope in your quest to start your own business. Second, we explored the concept of creativity in If …

EditorCan’t Miss Startup Advice (September)
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300 Vizify Invites: Turn Your Life Into a Stunning Infographic!

We’ve mentioned Vizify, the service that turns your life into a mega-cool “graphical bio” before here on DailyTekk (see Over 100 Incredible Infographic Tools and Resources). What I really like about Vizify is that it makes it so easy to let people get to know who you are. Essentially, it’s a much cooler, more interactive version of The main …

Editor300 Vizify Invites: Turn Your Life Into a Stunning Infographic!