10 Awesome Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Guys

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Whether you’re a guy looking for cool stuff to ask for this year for Christmas or a person looking for some cool stuff for the guy (or guys) in your life, you’ve just stumbled upon 10 of the best, coolest stocking stuffers imaginable. From virtual reality to grooming to style to fun and games, there’s something for every dude right here. I mean, I get it: guys can be hard to shop for. You ask us what we want and we say, “I dunno.” Well we do know, but only when we see it. And now you can watch the men and/or boys in your family as their faces light up when they pull some insanely cool gear out of their stockings this Christmas.

When I was thinking about putting this list together my mind immediately went to Huckberry — one of my favorite stores and brands for guys. I love their stuff and yes, I write about them all the time. But our friends over at Huckberry decided to give our readers a present this year as well: $5 off your first order! Click here to buy this gear (and then look for gifts/stocking stuffers). There’s actually WAY more than what I’ve chosen to feature here.

Pop-Up Virtual Reality Viewer


It doesn’t require an expensive headset to enjoy VR content — just a smartphone and some cardboard. THIS cardboard, to be exact. Just pop your phone in and enjoy. Talk about bang for your buck; it’s hard to imagine anything more entertaining than this for the price (about $20). Buy from Huckberry.

1911 Rubber Band Gun


Guys like guns and here’s one that can be shot in the house! It comes with 100 rubber bands, can hold 6 rubber bands at a time (making it semi-automatic) and looks like a vintage shooter from early 1900’s Chicago. Buy from Huckberry.

Matte Finish Comb


Combs are an essential part of many a man’s grooming routine. Here’s a comb that will never break (unlike those plastic cheapos). It’s seriously so strong that it could almost be a saw; so the quality is good enough to last for a lifetime. Buy from Huckberry.

Whiskey Ball


If you always wanted an ice “cube” shaped like the Death Star, then your wish can come true thanks to the Whiskey Ball. This set features 2 spherical molds for the coolest looking drinks on the planet. For ...

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