10+ Awesome Wearable Tech Products for 2017

Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Adam Trevor. Adam hails from New York City where he is a sales associate by day and sports and tech blogger by night.

The technology of 2017 promises a lot of new gadgets that offer features we wouldn’t have imagined twenty years ago. There are going to be wireless earbuds that connect to Siri, smart shirts that report the wearer’s heart rate, and smartwatches that can monitor hydration levels. Some of the most popular releases are listed below:


Misfit’s Vapor: This waterproof smartwatch has a built-in GPS and comes with interchangeable straps. There is currently no release date for this product.

Casio’s WSD-F20: This smartwatch has a GPS, color maps, and even snow sports tracking. There are also some new apps to be added before its release in April.

New Balance’s RunIQ: This watch has the traditional GPS and the added benefit of working well with Strava sharing. Jabra’s PaceIQ smart earbuds work with the RunIQ.

The Octopus: This smartwatch is designed for children between three and eight years old. The watch is designed to help kids learn to tell the time. Parents can also send children reminders, and the charger can also be used as a nightlight. This watch is expected to go on the market in March.

Matrix PowerWatch: This watch harnesses body heat to maintain its battery life. Misfit’s Swarovski Shine uses similar technology to maintain battery life; instead of harnessing body heat, this watch harnesses energy from the sun.

Smart Clothing

Polar’s Team Pro Smart Shirt: These shirts have capture points embedded in them and a sensor pod on the back of the shirt; these work together as a GPS. The smart shirt also monitors the wearer’s heart rate. These nifty athletic shirts are meant to release in March. Companies are crafting shirts that can also track the steps taken, blood pressure, and breathing rate. The Atlanta Falcons have been wearing them this season on their way to Super Bowl LI.

Under Armour’s Smart Running Shoes: These shoes analyze aspects of the runner’s activity. The most distinct feature of these shoes is a jump test feature that analyzes the air time of consecutive jumps. This feature can also check for muscle fatigue.

Google’s Connected Denim Jacket: Levi’s heavyweight denim jacket designed to allow cyclists to get directions and control music by swiping a smart tag in the ...

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