The 10 best new Twitter tools for business

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Twitter is great for business. And Twitter is building out it set of business-ready tools to help companies better track fan engagement. For instance, the recently released Twitter Analytics does a great job of providing insights into what impact each tweet is having on the platform. That kind of information is great for starters, but there are so many other excellent Twitter tools available for businesses. I compiled a list of the top 100 Twitter tools back in 2012 and, while many of those services remain relevant and have perhaps gotten even better since then, the landscape has also changed quite a bit. Hence this update.

Note: If you are looking for some new tools you can use on your personal Twitter account, make sure to click here to see the recent list I put together.

  1. Joocier – Manage and analyze Twitter accounts through custom recipes.
  2. Must Be Present – Gauge your brand’s social responsiveness in real-time.
  3. Soda – Simple and intuitive Twitter advertising campaigns.
  4. Respondly – Converse with the world as a team.
  5. SocialRank – Find and analyze your followers.
  6. SocialBro – Analyze, engage and monetize your Twitter audience.
  7. Riffle – Make Twitter interactions more personal and meaningful.
  8. Dewey – Take control of your Twitter Cards.
  9. Followewonk – Twitter analytics to find, analyze and optimize for social growth.
  10. Flounder – A friendly way to gather your startup’s audience.

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