10 Classy, Cool and Unique iPad Stands

Joule iPad Stand
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There are literally hundreds of different iPad stands available on the market right now and for good reason. An iPad stand makes many iPad functions better and easier to use and even makes new functions possible in some cases. So what’s better when using an iPad stand? FaceTime conversations, movies and photo slideshows to name a few things.



Magnus iPad StandThe Magnus stand makes very clever use of the iPad 2’s built in magnets (hence the name) which were originally designed by Apple to hold the Smart Cover in place. The magnetic docking is simultaneously the stand’s coolest feature and weakest feature; cool because it’s so clean and Mac-like but weak because it only offers one viewing angle. Still, this is a great desk companion especially if you have a wireless keyboard to use in conjunction. I really like the fact that Ten One Design, the makers of the Magnus, chose to use recycled aluminum.

Price: $49.95


Joule iPad StandThe Joule is one sweet-looking piece of metal (machined aircraft grade aluminum to be exact). The Joule sports multiple features such as a plush Ultrasuede protective liner, a three-hole positionable tilt and and an audio enhancement slot. Available in 8 different color schemes, the Joule retails for just under $100 (and depends on which finish you choose). The Joule works in portrait or landscape mode and makes a great addition to any modern office motif.

Price: $79.99 to $99.99

BookArc for iPad

BookArc iPad StandThe BookArc for iPad heavy gauge steel iPad stand looks great next to other modern Apple products and has four available viewing positions for your iPad (tilted or straight for horizontal or vertical placement). Your iPad will rest comfortably and safely in the BookArc thanks to the soft silicone insert. Thanks to the elevated design, charging your iPad is easy while it rests in the BookArc. Works with iPad 1 and 2.

Price: $29.99.


Nest iPad StandThe Nest is unique in that it is an iPad stand as well as a “valet”. Aside from simply holding your iPad at a nice viewing or typing angle, the Nest has an inner compartment that you can use for storage. What the Nest lacks in viewing angle options (2) it makes up for in available colors (6) which are clearly derivative of the iPod Nano color schema. The Nest is a great iPad stand for people on a tight budget and can also double as ...

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