Losing sleep? These 10 gadgets and apps will help you sleep better

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If you’re anything like me, there aren’t enough hours in the night to get the sleep in you need. Anything that can help me sleep better is a welcome addition to my routine. Recently, a number of new startups and Kickstarter projects have cropped up to help people sleep more and better. While many sleep-enhancing “technologies” seem pretty gimmicky to me, here are 10 tech products that look like they really have a shot at helping you sleep better. From gadgets like fitness trackers that include sleep tracking capabilities to sleep apps to alarms to masks… these tech products are sure to help you achieve sweeter dreams!

  1. neuro:on – An intelligent sleep mask.
  2. Drift Light – A light that slowly dims over time and emits a better “light temperature.”
  3. Withings Aura – Records sleep and provides scientifically validated light and sound programs.
  4. Pillow – iOS app that helps you sleep easier, wake up happier and understand how to improve.
  5. Sense – Simple gadget that tracks sleep behavior and environment. Reinvents the alarm clock.
  6. Beddit – Ultra-thin sleep sensor that goes under your sheets.
  7. Sleepio – Clinically proven sleep improvement program (works with UP, Fitbit, Bodymedia).
  8. Sleep Cycle – An iOS app that acts as a bio-alarm clock. Wakes you at the right time.
  9. Napwell – Take the perfect nap.
  10. mySleepButton – Shuffle your thoughts to sleep. Don’t think about things that will keep you awake.

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