10 new ways to discover, listen to and share new music

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Editor’s Note: One of these sites was no longer active so the list contains only 9 now.

There is a huge demand for services that can enhance the experiences of discovering, listening and sharing music. I should know: I’ve written about over 200 such music services over the last couple years here on DailyTekk. It all started with a post titled 100 ways to discover and enjoy music which was a smashing success on StumbleUpon (and still is). I followed that up about a year later with 100 more ways to discover and enjoy music which has been popular as well. What can I say. People love music. I can’t get enough myself. I suppose that’s why I keep digging up new ways to discover and enjoy it. Here’s 10 awesome new music services I think you’re going to love:

  1. Next – Rate, record and follow music. Swipe to vote like a game.
  2. DiscoverTracks – Listen to tracks your favorite musicians love.
  3. Streamus – Turns YouTube into the music player you always wanted.
  4. Play My Inbox – Collects music links from your inbox and streams them to you.
  5. Beep – Gadget that synchronizes music in every room.
  6. 22tracks – Music discovery curated by local DJs from Amsterdam, London, Paris.
  7. QCast – The party playlist for Chromecast.
  8. Whyd – Collect and share tracks from YouTube, Soundcloud, Deezer and more.
  9. Leaf.fm – Millions of songs plus exclusive merchandise.

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