10+ ways to grow your personal brand on Twitter

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Whether you want to track existing followers or attract new ones, you’ve come to the right place. Sure, there are plenty of excellent Twitter business tools, but what about Twitter tools for personal use? Well, there’s a lot else out there besides Tweetbot. If you’re a Twitter veteran, you’re going to love this post. If you’re a total Twitter noob, you’re going to love this post as well. Why? I’ve rounded up more than 10 incredible new Twitter tools that can help you grown your personal brand on one of the world’s most popular social networks. But Twitter isn’t just about getting followers. If that’s the only reason you’re using it, you’ve got it all wrong. Twitter is the perfect platform for staying up-to-date with the latest content that interests you. Whatever reason you’ve got for using Twitter, I’ve got the tools to help you out.

  1. Birdbrain – An iOS app to help you manage your Twitter network.
  2. Tweet Seeker – The best way to find your tweets on Twitter (tweet search).
  3. Vellum – A simple reading list for the links your friends share on Twitter.
  4. The Latest – An automatic list of the latest and greatest links from Twitter.
  5. Twurly – Find the best links from your Twitter timeline.
  6. Adorer – Get more Twitter followers without using a shady bot.
  7. Followr – A no-frills Chrome extension to gain followers (mostly for new accounts).
  8. Flawk – Real-time question and answer sessions on Twitter.
  9. BookVibe – Get quality book recommendations from your friends on Twitter.
  10. #AmazonCart – Shop for Amazon products using Twitter.
  11. Fluttr – Fast and easy Twitter account management.
  12. Bio Is Changed – Get alerts when someone you follow changes their bio or profile picture.
  13. doesfollow – Keep tabs on who follows who.

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