10 Random Startups You Can’t Live Without #1

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As I go throughout my normal day/routine, I am constantly running into awesome startups and services. As I furiously catalog/favorite/bookmark these items I realize that there are some that really stand apart as beyond cool or useful. I’m toying with starting a new weekly/bi-weekly series that combines these amazing startups into a quick list. The thing is, they are a bit random… but they need to be shared with the world. At the same time, they might not (yet) fit into one of our epic top 100 lists so instead of letting them collect dust in my Evernote account I decided I might as well just share them. So, that’s how I came up with this post (and perhaps the first of many) called 10 Random Startups You Can’t Live Without. What do you think? Do you want to see more of these?


Cue helps you connect what matters in your life and tells you what’s next. Keep up with work, life, and the daily events you care about. Cue turns the accounts you depend on, like email, contacts and calendar, into an intelligent snapshot of your day. Cue surfaces the right details at the right time, so you’ll always be one step ahead.


FindTheBest gives you unbiased, data-driven comparisons between almost anything! From laptops to lawyers, from colleges to cars, FTB gives you the information you need to made smart decisions. Data comes from three sources: public databases, primary sources (manufacturer websites) and expert sources.


PUBLIKDEMAND is the social Better Business Bureau. Share your complaint and get an offer to switch.


MyPermissions helps you protect your personal information. Do you know how many apps have access to your personal info? MP lets you automatically scan your apps permissions and clean them with one click. You can also get alerts when apps gain access to your personal info.


Britely is a beautiful way to share tips, advice and inspiration with your friends. Everyone has great tips for making life more fun and colorful and Britely lets you share your own.


Jybe lets you discover, recommend and remember what you like through smart, social and personalized recommendations.

Bliss Control

Bliss Control makes it easy to manage all of your social network settings from one easy place. Just pick a setting (like changing a profile picture) and a network (like Twitter) and click go.


Mingly is a personal relationship manager. Why? Because your relationships are a big deal but building them should be easy. For instance, you can show people you care by staying in the know about birthdays, job changes and other big news. With Mingly, you’ll never fall out of touch.


Are you too busy to read a book? DailyPag.es can drop an occasional chapter into your inbox so you can mix in some reading along with your other daily tasks and get smarter!


SimplyUs is a shared calendar, to-do list and organizer for couples.

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