10+ Ways to Charge Multiple iPads, iPhones and iPods at Once

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Update: Since this list is a few years old I created a brand new one for 2016… check it out here!

By now, many Apple fans have accumulated a nice collection of iOS devices and companies out there are realizing that people need to charge multiple iPads/iPhones/iPods at once in an easy, uncluttered and efficient manner–hence this list. Actually, I’ve included a variety of solutions. Some for home users and others for corporate or educational campuses. For instance, many university classrooms are rolling out iPad curriculum integration and need a way to securely organize, sync and charge 30 devices at a time. Likewise, as corporate workforces begin to let go of RIM’s BlackBerry as their go-to communications device, businesses are also in need of similar charging/syncing solutions. From consumers to libraries to hospitals to resorts, this list is sure to help you find a way to keep your arsenal of iOS devices going strong like the Energizer bunny.

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Quirky Converge

The Quirky Converge charging station looks like a shiny plastic piece of thick white paper that has been molded into a permanent curvature to form a shelf that can cradle and charge your devices in style. With 4 USB ports the Converge is perfect for charging multiple iPhones or iPods. Alternatively, you could easily fit an iPhone and an iPad at the same time. Unsightly cords can be kept from view by stashing them underneath the shelf.

Price: $39.99

Kanex Sydnee

The Kanex Sydnee looks super slick and amazing, almost like a piece of art–until it’s got four iPads sitting in it with cords popping out the side and running around the top then bottom–at that point it looks more like something that belongs in a server closet. Whatever your thoughts on the visual image it projects, the usefulness of this device is unquestionable for families with multiple iPads. Each device in the dock receives 2.1 amps of charging power for quick charging and the built-in cable management system is a nice feature since there isn’t a side cavity to stuff the cords in like other products on this list.

Price: $149.

iSound Power View Pro

The iSound Power View Pro is perfect for an individual’s desk. Your iPad can sit in this charger either vertically or horizontally in case you want to use it as it charges (though ...

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