100 Amazing Tech Tools for Parents and Kids (Categorized)

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Are you ready for some serious parentech (did I just coin a new word)? We’ve complied the 100 best (in our opinion) websites, apps and gadgets for parents and kids. Parenting just got a lot easier and more fun! You’re going to want to bookmark this page so you can easily access activity resources, the best kids’ shopping sites, parenting blogs, learning tools and more. Need some parenting advice or have a question in need of an answer? We’ve got you covered there too. One of the most important parts of childhood is learning to read and enjoying great books so, you guessed it, we’ve dedicated an entire section to reading resources as well!

If you’re familiar with our site you know that we like to feature plenty of startups on our lists and this post is no exception. Well over half of the links here are startup companies–translation: lots of brand new companies, products and services you’ve never heard of before! Thought we did our best to include every cool and useful tech item a parent might want or need, it’s possible that we missed something so make sure to leave us a comment if you have something to add! Enjoy!

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Random & Cool

  1. Kiwi Crate – Hands-on fun delivered right to your door!
  2. Everloop – A social network for kids.
  3. DoubleScoop – An app that connects kids with grandparents.
  4. Tinybeans – Baby journal for busy parents.
  5. UrbanSitter – Find babysitters through friends.
  6. Maily – Your kids’ first email app for iPad.
  7. Ubooly – An iPhone-powered stuffed animal.
  8. 2.5 Kids – Your complete guide to parenting.
  9. Kidscash – eWallet for kids + responsible shopping online.
  10. Agent Piggy – Online piggy bank for kids (financial education).

Activities & Entertainment

  1. Rompr – Share and discover ideas for cool stuff to do with your kids.
  2. Kaboose – Crafts, printables and other activities for kids.
  3. Playses – Where parents go to discover places and activities their kids

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