100 Best, Most Interesting Websites 2017

Best Websites 2017
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This is the 6th time I’ve created a list of the 100 best websites of the year (links to previous lists below). Wow. It’s really turned into a “thing.” People are always asking when the next list will come out or offering up suggestions (which I never use, sorry — this list is “pure” in that it’s stuff that I’ve encountered organically). I had no idea this was going to be such a popular tradition and, for the 6th time, I’m incredibly excited about this year’s batch of sites.

I’m always amazed that there are these awesome sites floating around on the Internet that I have no idea exist (I guess it’s a good thing an annual list like this exists, ha). For an entire year I keep track of cool sites I run into (with some suggestions from my wife) and it’s always hard waiting so many months to “debut” them here.

Things have changed so much since the first edition of this list. Most people do their web browsing on mobile devices (although many of you — 70% or so, in fact — will read this particular article on a desktop computer), an increasing number of the blogs I like now call Medium home (which wasn’t even a thing when I started) and video continues to eat into the time that used to be occupied by reading online.

But one thing hasn’t changed: people are always looking for something interesting to read. Judging by the analytics from last year’s list, this series is just as popular as ever. If you’re like me then you probably like to discover fun new ways to shop, cook, learn and think and websites and blogs are still one of the greatest ways to do that.

Someday Facebook or some other platform may kill off the individual blog or website. That’d be kind of sad. But that day hasn’t come yet. Enjoy!

PS — I’ll leave links to the last 5 lists I made down at the bottom of this list if you want to do some further exploring (most of the sites I’ve listed are just as good as ever!).

  1. You to YouTuber – How to start a successful YouTube channel!
  2. Interesting Finds – Tons of jaw-droppingly cool products (updated daily)!
  3. The Outline – Whoa.
  4. Culture Trip – Travel, restaurants and things to do!
  5. Seeker – Act on your curiosity. Observe and

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