100 Great Resources for iOS Developers

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Ashli Norton of Joppar.

The iOS app market has grown tremendously since it’s inception just a few years ago. Because of the platform’s popularity, there’s a vast amount of resources available for anyone interested in the development process.

Whether you need help marketing your iOS app in the App Store or a way to design a beautiful iOS app yourself, you better believe there’s some tool, book, or community out there to help you do just that.

I’ve put together a list of 100 services, communities, tools, and more that can help anyone involved with developing iOS apps or even thinking about making them.

Almost anything you need to do to create or manage an app for the platform can be handled with these helpful resources.



  1. Iubenda – Mobile app privacy policy
  2. Content – Content management system for native iOS apps
  3. Unbabel – App Localization
  4. Switch – Toggle your app features off and on in real-time
  5. Heatmaps – iOS heatmaps
  6. Bitbucket – Private code repositories
  7. Media Toolkit – Monitors mentions of your app
  8. Alau.me – Like bit.ly for apps
  9. Ap Salar – Data driven mobile ad platform
  10. Google – Mobile backend

Support and Communities

  1. iOS Developers Group – iOS Google+ community
  2. iOS Meetup Groups – Get together with like-minded people.
  3. iOS Development Quora – iOS Development Quora group
  4. iOS Stackoverflow – iOS Stackoverflow group
  5. iPhone Developer Forum – iOS Dev Forums
  6. iOS Programming – iOS Reddit group
  7. Cocoa Lit – List of Cocoa tutorials
  8. NS Screencast – iOS development screencasts
  9. iOS Developer Tips – Tips and tutorials for iOS Developers
  10. Clarity.fm – Call an expert for iOS help

Blogs and Newsletters

  1. iOS Biz Weekly – Round up of best iOS dev links
  2. Cocoa With Love – Blog on everything Cocoa
  3. Objc.io – Best practices and advanced Objective-C techniques
  4. iOS blog – Objective C tutorials
  5. Cocoa Is My Girlfriend – Blog with Cocoa tips
  6. My App Venture – iOS app business blog
  7. Subfurther – Dev blog with a digital media take
  8. Big Nerd Rank – Blog with lots of code walkthroughs
  9. iPhone Development – Deep iOS tutorials
  10. Carbon Five Blog – Beginner to advanced Cocoa iOS tuts


  1. App Bot – Monitor app store reviews
  2. Tokens – Generate and track IOS promo codes
  3. Press Friendly – Find press interested in talking about your app
  4. Appsfire – Get your app discovered
  5. Free

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