100 Must-Know Social Media Tidbits for 2013

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Here’s your chance to get in on the social media revolution in it’s most current form and guess what? These bite-size tidbits will get you informed without taking up much of your time (but there is plenty to dig into if you want to get deeper). This post has it all: from emerging networks to trends to stats and all points in between. Prepare to be informed.

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As the dawn of 2013 approaches, what do you need to know about social media in the upcoming year? If you’ve been out-of-touch for awhile or have simply set your social media skills on cruise control, here’s your chance to play catch-up real quick. Like many posts I create on this blog, I made this one for me as much as for you because I wanted to make sure I was as current as possible on this important subject. I’ve included information from as many different sources as possible to assure variety and depth (including from DailyTekk–see the last section for some amazing resources). While I can’t promise that you will magically become a social media expert after reading this, I can say you will have a good shot at at least sounding intelligent when talking about social media. Please leave your comments and recommendations if I missed something you think should be on this list.

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10 ‘Other’ Social Networks to Be Familiar With

  1. Path – Stay connected with family and close friends.
  2. Tout – Create 15 second video updates on your phone.
  3. Airtime – The platform for great video conversation.
  4. App.net – A real-time social feed without the ads.
  5. OurSpot – Rediscover relationships.
  6. Sonar – Connect and share with the people nearby now.
  7. Highlight – A fun way to learn more about people nearby.
  8. Pair – An app for couples.
  9. Nextdoor – The private social network for your neighborhood.
  10. Roamz – Reveal nearby interestingness.

Things You Need to Know

  1. Checking your social media accounts is as addictive as nicotine or sex. More on ConsumerAffairs.
  2. Women’s Facebook recommendations spur more likes from men. More on Businessweek.
  3. Promoting companies on Twitter or Facebook may ruin your friendships. More on Business Insider.
  4. It is possible to use Instagram to promote your business! More on We Are Social People.
  5. Being friends with your client on Facebook works. More on PSFK.
  6. Young women are ‘power users’ on social media sites. More on CNN.
  7. Facebook and Twitter refer more than half of all traffic to small biz sites. More on The Atlantic.
  8. Tweens are influential and already know more about tech than you ever will. More on Adweek.
  9. Web content needs to be changed for optimized viewing on handheld devices. More on Upstart Biz Journal.
  10. Social media can make employment and recruiting better (in 5 specific areas). More on HuffPo.

Social Media Trends

  1. Teens are turning from Facebook to fresher social media sites. More on USA Today.
  2. YouTube now ranking videos by time watched, not clicks. More on CNET.
  3. “Agile Creativity” – Agencies are becoming more nimble on social media. More on Forbes.
  4. The web is being reorganized around people. More on Simply Zesty.
  5. “Facebook Refugees” – Not everyone is on the world’s biggest social network. More on Washington Post.
  6. “Visual social media” is on the rise–big time. More on Fast Company.
  7. Digital ad report finds big growth in mobile. More on NYTimes.com.
  8. Facebook is the new resume. More on Big Think.
  9. This year’s college freshman are addicted to “electronic narcotics.” More on Today.
  10. Crowdsourcing is the future of news. More on GigaOm.

Examples of Creative Use of Social Media

  1. MTV’s multi-platform Video Music Awards experience. More on The Hollywood Reporter.
  2. These 10 brands came up with stellar ideas to promote their biz on Instagram. More on Social Media Examiner.
  3. How a book-burning hoax Facebook campaign saved a library. More on Score.
  4. How gamification helped Patagonia plant real trees. More on The Next Web.
  5. Project Runway turns to Pinterest and other visual social networks. More on Ad Age.
  6. A mysterious web game that lures viewers to Tom Hanks show. More on ClickZ.
  7. Duran Duran uses social media to keep fans hooked. More on Christian Science Monitor.
  8. Whole Foods tries a tweet-to-give and a pin-to-give program. More on MediaPost.
  9. See how Pathfinder International uses social media to engage donors. More on John Hayden.
  10. 5 truly creative uses of social media by brands such as Intel and Heineken.  More on Search Engine Land.

Social Media Strategy & How-To

  1. Never, ever start a social media marketing campaign on a Friday. More on VentureBeat.
  2. Senior leaders can harness social media to shape consumer decision making. More on McKinsey Quarterly.
  3. If done wrong, social media marketing will actually hurt your business. More on MarketingProfs.
  4. There are 6 key management issues to include within all social media strategies. More on Smart Insights.
  5. Businesses can enhance relationships with customers through online brand communities. More on MIT Sloan Review.
  6. Sticking your head in the sand, AKA “ostrich marketing,” is not a social media strategy. More on Social Media Explorer.
  7. You need to find a way to get interactive and give people a unique online experience. More on Social Fresh.
  8. As cool as infographics are, they aren’t a social media strategy. More on Brian Solis.
  9. Create your own library of resources and document your internal success stories. More on Rohit Bhargava.
  10. 4 proven strategies for finding a bigger audience for your content. More on Copyblogger.
  11. 10 social media tips from a top media agency. More on Mashable.
  12. 6 steps to incorporate into your social media routine. More on Social Media Today.
  13. 10 Tips for Building for Building a Social Media Strategy. More on BusinessNewsDaily.com.
  14. How to find time to keep up with social media. More on Communications Conversations.

Avoid These Mistakes

  1. Kenneth Cole tweeted a hurtful joke. Don’t. Do. That. More on Hubspot.
  2. Don’t be so pathetic that you have to ask for retweets (+ 4 other mistakes). More on Digiday.
  3. Don’t forget about leads; include an effective call to action. More on Treehouse.
  4. Don’t check into Foursquare all the time everywhere you go. More on Gizmodo.
  5. Have a social media policy in your office. If you don’t, you’ll regret it. More on Miami Herald.
  6. Don’t send snarky replies like a Nestle employee did to Greenpeace. More on MDG Advertising.
  7. Don’t tweet about something you don’t know (like Ashton Kutcher). More on Technorati.
  8. The NFL failed a major social media test. More on PandoDaily.
  9. Shouting in CAPS will not get your more attention. It will annoy people. More on Jeff Bullas.
  10. Romney stands with ‘Amercia’ in misspelled campaign app. More on MSN Now.
  11. Steer clear of the obnoxious social media handshake. More on Business 2 Community.

A Few Interesting Social Media Stats

  1. 75% of business owners have been “put off” by another company’s use of social media. More from The Guardian.
  2. Every minute, Twitter users send over 100,000 tweets. More on DOMO.
  3. 22% of all Pinterest “Pins” come from New York. More on MediaPost.
  4. 95% of Facebook wall posts are not answered by brands. More on Mindjumpers.
  5. Just 27% of small businesses are harnessing the power of social media. More on Marketing Magazine.
  6. Only 50% of Facebook users have more than 100 friends. More on Schools.com.
  7. A new user joins Instagram every second. More on Digital Buzz Blog.
  8. Only 25% of companies offer employees social media training. More on Marketingeasy.
  9. Just 35% of LinkedIn users access the service daily. More on SocialTimes.
  10. Mobile now accounts for 10% of internet usage worldwide (double 2010). More on The Next Web.
  11. Only 16% of social media marketers have more than 3 years of experience. More on Go-Globe.com.

Great Blogs Dedicated to Social Media

  1. Social Times – Your social media source.
  2. Social Media Explorer – Get educated about social media.
  3. Social Media Today – Social media news, strategy, tools and techniques.
  4. Social Media Examiner – Social media marketing how-to, case-studies, research, news etc.
  5. Hubspot – Internet marketing.
  6. Inside Facebook – Tracking Facebook and the Facebook platform for developers and marketers.
  7. SocialMouths – Social media advice for entrepreneurs.
  8. We Are Social People – Expert articles about social media.
  9. Social Fresh – The business of social media.
  10. Social Media B2B – Exploring the impact of social media on B2B companies.

Random & Cool Social Media Info

  1. The Newsweek Daily Beast Digital Power Index
  2. A social media cost-benefit analysis. More from Heidi Cohen.
  3. Social Pros Podcast – Real people doing real work in social media.
  4. Universities are failing at teaching social media. More from Fortune.
  5. College students need social media business tools and courses to succeed. More on SmartBlog on Leadership.
  6. The fanciest collaboration software doesn’t matter if the team can’t work together. More on MediaShift.
  7. How technology has changed since the year 1982. More on Now I Know.
  8. Social media is threatening Hallmark and the greeting card business. More on RepublicanAmerican.
  9. New Orleans used social media to prepare for Hurricane Isaac. More on Ragan.com.

Social Media Tools and Resources from DailyTekk

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  13. 5 Awesome Ways to Tame Your Social Media Feeds
  14. 10 Powerful Social Media Monitoring Tools
  15. 10 Affordable Social Media Tools for Small Businesses
  16. Want More Twitter Followers? Quit Trying to Bribe People
  17. A Successful Experiment with the AddThis Button (Screenshot)
  18. 100 Top Tech Twitter Accounts of 2012 (Categorized)


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