100 Tasty Food Apps, Sites and Startups (Categorized)

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Hungry for a better way to discover or prepare something tasty to eat? Since food is such an essential part of your everyday life, you’ll be glad to know that a swarm of companies and people, including many awesome startups, have developed some innovative ways to connect you with your next meal. Following is a list of categorized mobile and web apps, food blogs and recipe sites that you’ll likely end up using on a regular basis.

There is a lot of innovation happening in the food industry. This list is packed with a bunch of really awesome food startups that can help you find great individual dishes at specific restaurants, find the best dining deals based on your location in realtime, help you preserve your awesome food experiences and memories and of course stay fit and healthy. After completing this list, I can see that there’s never been a better time to be a foodie. If you’re into cooking I’ve included many excellent resources for finding and saving recipes, finding ingredients and saving money on groceries with great deals.

Many of the meals we eat are social by nature. We eat with friends, family and coworkers all the time. Thats why I’ve included an entire section dedicated to social eating. Now you can find awesome chefs for important get togethers, find cool strangers to eat with and even find someone to cook that homemade meal you’ve been craving!

As always, if I left anything good out leave me a comment to let me know.

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Random & Cool

  1. Fondu – An iPhone app for sharing bite-sized restaurant reviews with your friends.
  2. Velvet Aroma – Your virtual kitchen. A new way to discover food.
  3. Ness – Restaurant recommendations that are tailored to your taste.
  4. Foodzie – Taste something different. Delicious discoveries delivered monthly.
  5. BiteHunter – Realtime location based mobile app for finding great dining deals.
  6. foodgawker – Visually search and discover new recipes, techniques and ingredients.
  7. Gilt Taste – An online magazine and market for food lovers.
  8. AllMenus.com – Find every restaurant menu here.
  9. Foodtree – Discover and share where to find great food.
  10. Evernote Food – Preserve and relive memorable food experiences on your iPhone.

Discover New Dishes & Restaurants

  1. Foodspotting – Find and recommend dishes, not just restaurants (web and iPhone).
  2. forkly – Shows you what’s good at restaurants. Share taste discoveries with friends (iPhone).
  3. Dinevore – Discover, organize and share the best restaurant advice on the web.
  4. Hngry – iPhone app that helps you figure out where and what to eat.
  5. Appetude – Discover great dishes that you can actually order.
  6. Tasted Menu – Find the best restaurant dishes and share your dining adventures.
  7. Nosh – See what’s good everywhere and share what you eat with your friends (iPhone).
  8. PictureMenu – A picture is worth a thousand words… (iPhone).
  9. HeardAbout? – Discover the best dishes in San Francisco.
  10. Food Genius – Discover your next favorite dish (for developers and the food industry).

Food Health & Nutrition

  1. Thryve – Choosing the right food to eat can be a challenge. Let Thrive do the work (iPhone).
  2. SweeterSpoon – Change your recipe ingredients to create tastier, healthier versions.
  3. ShopWell – Healthy eating made simple. Your personal nutrition expert.
  4. The Eatery – Snap pictures of your food to learn more about yourself and improve eating habits.
  5. Fooducate – Scan a product bar code, see what’s inside, select healthier alternatives (iPhone).
  6. Nutritionix – Simplifying nutrition. The global nutrition database.
  7. Bon’App – A better calorie counter.
  8. Foodzy – Keep track of what you eat, compete against friends and stay fit.
  9. Meal Snap – Calorie counting magic on the iPhone.
  10. Calorie Counter – Food nutrition data for healthy eating choices (iPhone, Android, Blackberry).

Delivery & Takeout

  1. Seamless – Order food for delivery and takeout.
  2. LivingSocial’s Takeout & Delivery  – Browse local menus, create your order, and pay online.
  3. Munchery – Food delivered by personal chefs. Order now, delivered tonight.
  4. Eat24Hours – Find your favorite restaurants that deliver. View popular dishes and Yelp reviews.
  5. EAT Club – Office lunch delivery done differently. Order online, food arrives by 12:30. No tip!
  6. Chewse – An easy way to order catering from menu to delivery.
  7. Delivery.com – Order from your favorite local restaurants. Get 25% off your first order.
  8. Food.ee – Food delivered to your office. The best local restaurants and snacks.
  9. housebites – Gourmet takeaway food. Freshly prepared and delivered by great chefs (UK).
  10. PayDragon – How food buying should be: one-click mobile ordering.
  11. GrubHub – Order online for free from restaurants around you.
  12. UrbanBite – London food delivery and takeaway.

Recipes: Find & Organize

  1. Feastie – Search top food blogs for the tastiest new recipes.
  2. Cookooree – Share your recipes and access them from anywhere.
  3. Punchfork – The best new recipes from top food sites.
  4. Foodily – Free iPhone app with millions of recipes from people you trust.
  5. Tablespoon – Quick and easy recipe ideas.
  6. Yumm – Recipes, cooking tips and cooking videos.
  7. KeepRecipes – Online cookbook and universal recipe box.
  8. Fuelrr – Food is fuel. Find recipes by ingredient.
  9. Cookstr – The world’s #1 collection of cookbook recipes online.
  10. Yummly – Every recipe in the world.

Ingredients & Groceries

  1. Farmigo – Buy direct from your local farmer.
  2. GourmetOrigins.com – Buy gourmet foods directly from artisan producers.
  3. Love Your Larder – An online food market for buying food from independent producers.
  4. AnyLeaf – Save money on groceries with unbeatable deals.
  5. Foodoro – The marketplace to buy and sell gourmet food.
  6. Real Time Farms – Know where your food comes from.
  7. Wholeshare – Save money on good food by buying as a group.
  8. Zipongo – Healthy groceries at healthy prices.
  9. ZipList – The only shopping list and recipe box you will ever need (iOS).
  10. BumperCrop – Grow your own food–sell your extra.
  11. Aisle50 – Daily grocery deals.
  12. Fooducopia – Buy artisan and specialty foods.

Social Eating

  1. Grubwithus – A social dining network that brings people together over delicious food.
  2. CookItFor.Us – Connecting cravers and makers to get recipes made.
  3. Kitchit – Share a great meal with friends with a private world-class chef.
  4. OpenFiesta.com – A community of friendly people who enjoy cooking and sharing meals.
  5. Gnammo – Organize meals and events at your own place.
  6. Friends Eat – Connect with like-minded foodies in your area.
  7. dishPal – The most delicious social network. Share your dishes with your friends.
  8. Eat With Me – Connecting people through food (Australia).
  9. FoodShootr – A community for sharing food photography.
  10. Foodie – A social network for food lovers.

Food Blogs & Sites

  1. Bon Appetit – Cook with confidence. Enjoy your food.
  2. Epicurious – Recipes, menus, cooking articles and food guides.
  3. The Daily Meal – Restaurants, recipes, chefs, food trends, entertaining and travel guides.
  4. Saveur – Authentic recipes, food, travel and more.
  5. Delish – Recipes, party food, cooking guides, dinner ideas and grocery coupons.
  6. Food Curated – All good food has a story. They tell it on video.
  7. The Kitchn – Inspiring cooks, nourishing homes.
  8. Sunday Suppers – Class-cooking-dining experiences, pairing friends and food.
  9. Culture Kitchen – Cook a new authentic cuisine every month.
  10. Not Without Salt – Recipes, photographs and projects for joyful living.
  11. Chez Pim – Your globe-trotting guide to great food and good fun.
  12. The Shiksa Blog – Exploring the fascinating history of food.
  13. Steamy Kitchen – Fast, fresh and simple. Recipe and food blog.
  14. Serious Eats – Food blog and community.
  15. Sips and Spoonfuls – Tales of food, family and photography.
  16. Smitten Kitchen – Fearless cooking from a tiny kitchen in NYC.
  17. 101 Cookbooks – A healthy recipe journal.
  18. Bakerella – Sweet inspiration and baking ideas.
  19. Foodbuzz – Food blog community.


  1. Purple Menu – Gourmet chocolate gifts, artisan handmade chocolates, imported chocolate.
  2. Rouxbe – Online cooking video classes.
  3. Gobble – Home-cooked food from local chefs (California only, but planning to expand).
  4. Food Ado – Artisan food and gourmet gift delivery.
  5. graze – Get nature delivered with healthy snacks by post (UK).
  6. Love With Food – Gourmet samples at your door every month. Donate meals to charity.
  7. OpenTable – Make restaurant reservations online or through the app.
  8. Grubly – Underground dinners. Local chefs. Members only. Access on mobile.
  9. GamerFood – Performance snacks for gamers.
  10. Picdish – Discover and share food experiences in real-time visual streams.
  11. Foodia – The daily journal for your food life.
  12. iMunchie – View and suggest munchies.
  13. Matchbook – An iPhone app for that must remember restaurant.
  14. Food52 – Food community, recipe search and cookbook contests.
  15. Foodprint Project – Exploring the ways food and cities shape one another.
  16. Foodie Registry – A wedding registry for restaurant gift certificates.
  17. Civil Eats – Promotes critical thought about sustainable agriculture.
  18. Elacarte – Presto tablets sit on restaurant tables to guests can order and pay at any time.
  19. Food + Tech – Connecting food and tech innovators.
  20. Craft Coffee – Subscription artisan coffee-of-the-month tasting boxes delivered monthly.
  21. iSprinkles – Sprinkles Cupcakes iPhone app that dispenses free cupcakes and more.

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  • Hi, I think this list is missing NewGusto.com, the new free-community to eat with new friends around the world… and that is already online.

  • Hi there,

    I hope this is not intrusive, but I think under Social Eating, a fairly new service called Strangers for Dinner should be added.

    Strangers for Dinner helps you make new friends and connect with people through dinner parties.

    n.b: I created Strangers for Dinner.

  • What a fantastic list! It’s great to see so many food related startups and businesses. I’m still trying to find an app that is useful for keeping track of food allergies.

  • I have been waiting for ‘App-etite’ since last December. It is supposed to be a revolutionary and beautifully designed food APP and website for food lovers in Toronto, Canada.

    I do not know why they are not launching 🙁

  • Hello,
    I’m Marco from newgusto.com. I would like to congratulate with you for your article, it looks like a full panopticon of the online-food. By the way this sector can appare like a jungle, because of the fragmentation of the apps and websites. For the NewGusto’s team the bet is to make horizontal the food-sharing and make customizable for everyone the using of our platforme. We are working for this. What do you think about this?


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