100 Ways to Get Fit & Stay Healthy With Tech (It’s Easy)

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Health and fitness are two words that can easily make people cringe. It’s hard to get fit and stay healthy (increasingly so as a person ages), but tech can make it much, much easier (not to mention much more fun).

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As always, we’ve rounded up the best websites, gadgets, apps, startups and services–this time with the goal of keeping you in top form. As we all know, getting motivated to exercise is half the battle. Thats why we’ve included and entire section on ways to get motivated with the help of analytics, friends and incentives. Once you are in the groove, pick through our selections for the top fitness and wellness apps and see how you can use them in conjunction with the 10 fitness and health gadgets we’ve highlighted. Since working out alone is never as fun as working out in a group or with friends, we’ve also got a whole section to help you get social while getting fit. From time to time, people get sick. It’s a fact of life. That’s why we’ve topped this roundup off with the best sites for finding health information, checking symptoms and finding doctors. Taken altogether, this post packs a one-two punch in the form of both fitness and health tech information all in one convenient place. Don’t miss the miscellaneous section where we’ve stored some excellent resources that didn’t quite fit into any of the other categories. Be sure to let us know if we missed anything good!

Random & Cool

  1. Skinnyo – Start or join challenges that make it a little easier to stay healthy.
  2. GymPact – Never miss another workout again.
  3. Simplee – The simple way to track and pay your medical bills.
  4. Cake Health – A free, beautiful and uncomplicated way to manage health care.
  5. GoRecess – Find a workout and book instantly. Pilates, strength, martial arts, dance.
  6. Sickweather – Sickness mapping and forecasting. See what’s in your area.
  7. Gohealth – Need health insurance? Get quotes. It’s that easy.
  8. My Coupon Doc – Online coupon savings on your medications.
  9. RxAnalytics – The science behind sweat. Recognize the drivers of your fitness.
  10. KLUTCHclub – Health, wellness and fitness products for women to try each month.

Personalized Fitness & Health Tech

  1. Wello – The no-hassle way to workout with a personal trainer (via video).
  2. Oobafit – Personalized fitness plus nutrition plans.
  3. FitOrbit – Online personal training. Ridiculously affordable. Remarkably successful.
  4. Gipis – A personal step by step plan that automatically adapts to you (iPhone app).
  5. FitKit – Personalized nutrition, improved life.
  6. GAIN Fitness – Digital personal training (iPhone app).
  7. Gather.md – Analytics for your personal health.
  8. ShopWell – Eat healthier. Your personal nutrition expert.
  9. Sessions – Your personal health coach.
  10. Vitogo – Personal trainer at your fingertips. Fitness, simplified (iPhone app).

Get Motivated to Stay Fit & Healthy

  1. Tictrac – Track your activities and discover what makes you tick.
  2. Habitual – Master the force of habit, together.
  3. Beeminder – Stick to your fitness goals.
  4. Ryuu – Game your way to good habits.
  5. Rehabit.me – Let your friends make failing hard and success easy.
  6. HealthRally – Cheer, motivate, celebrate. Get healthy with your friends.
  7. Lift – A simple way to achieve any goal, track your progress, and get the support of your friends.
  8. 100Plus – Personalized recommendations on how to change your life (iPhone).
  9. Livifi – 40+ fact-based goals for your body, mind and relationships.
  10. Push – Progressive outcomes-based wellness incentives provider.

Fitness & Health Apps

  1. MapMyFITNESS – Map fitness training and track fitness workouts.
  2. Cardiio – Touch-free pulse sensing. Turn your phone into a bio-sensor.
  3. Fitness Buddy – Revolutionize your workout with over 1,700+ exercises.
  4. Vital Signs Camera – Measure your heart rate/breathing rate using your iPhone/iPad cam.
  5. Skimble – Fun mobile apps to help you stay healthy and fit.
  6. Curl – An easy to use iPhone app that logs your progress at the gym.
  7. Stress Check – Quantify and measure your physical and emotional stress levels.
  8. Sleep Time – Measure your sleep cycle (iPhone).
  9. Rimidi – Decision support software for diabetes.
  10. Instant Heart Rate – A heart rate monitor, obviously.

Fitness & Health Gadgets

  1. Jawbone Up – Make healthy living fun and social.
  2. FitBit Ultra – Tracks your movement and keeps you motivated.
  3. Nike+ FuelBand – Measures your everyday activity and turns it into NikeFuel.
  4. Striiv – The world’s first smart pedometer.
  5. Basis – Health and heart rate monitor for wellness and fitness.
  6. Adidas miCoach – Interactive personal coaching and training system.
  7. NextGoals – Social fitness tracking.
  8. Garmin FR70 – Tracks your time, heart rate and calories burned.
  9. MOTOACTV – Fitness tracker and “smart mp3” player all in one.
  10. AliveCor – Mobile ECG device (works with iPhone).

Social Fitness & Health

  1. Fitocracy – The fitness social network to level up in real life.
  2. RunKeeper – Running app and fitness community.
  3. NeuFit – Social gamification of fitness. Inspiration that actually works for you.
  4. Workout Spots – Find workout spots near you (and book classes).
  5. Endomondo – Community-based on free GPS tracking of sports.
  6. FitID – Fitness community and tools.
  7. FITiST – Work out at the best boutique studios instead of a big box gym.
  8. HealtheTreatment – Benchmark your health against others.
  9. Training Mobs – Easily find and share group workouts.
  10. Taineo – Weight loss community.

Health Information

  1. Healthline – Search over 1,300 conditions, 1,500 symptoms, and 20,000 treatments.
  2. WebMD – Better information, better health.
  3. EverydayHealth.com – Health information, resources, tools and news.
  4. Sharecare – Get expert answers to your health questions.
  5. MedHelp – Health community, information, questions, apps and more.
  6. Meddik – Learn from people who have been there.
  7. ChickRx – Expert health and happiness advice for women.
  8. RxList – The internet drug index for prescription drugs and medications.
  9. HealthNews – Health news and alerts. Medical, fitness, wellness, diet.
  10. CureTogether – The smarter way to find the best treatments.

Find a Doctor & Check Symptoms

  1. ZocDoc – Find a doctor, get reviews and ratings.
  2. Ringadoc – Talk to a doctor now, no appointment necessary.
  3. Vitals – Where doctors are examined (doctor reviews and ratings).
  4. Healthgrades – Find a doctor (doctor reviews).
  5. Drugs.com – Understand your medical symptoms and make informed decisions.
  6. Mayo Clinic – Info from 3k+ doctors, researchers and scientists.
  7. SymCat – From symptoms to solutions. What is bothering you?
  8. FreeMD – Your virtual doctor.
  9. iDoc24 – Ask a dermatologist about your skin today.
  10. DocLoop – Find, review and talk about doctors in your area.


  1. Health Month – A game to help improve your diet, fitness and overall health.
  2. GymFu – Fitness mini games for the iPhone.
  3. Venio – Your body is talking. Venio is listening. A healthy meal planning solution.
  4. BetterYou – Your online concierge for fitness, beauty and wellness.
  5. Capzule PHR – Your family health data in one app. Your personal health record.
  6. Primply – Your ultimate beauty and fitness guide (coming soon).
  7. Axio – Measure focus and improve performance.
  8. ZenoLink – Advanced analysis technology that exposes athletes strengths and weaknesses.
  9. FitPush – Still in testing–health and fitness monitor.
  10. Bia Sport – Training technology for women.
  11. NordicHug – Specialized disinfection solutions for modern equipment.
  12. Medkaz – Your lifetime health record on a flash drive.
  13. Sano – The API for the bloodstream.
  14. Fitness for Geeks – Real science, great nutrition and good health (book).
  15. PumpUp – Amazing workouts, better performance, improved fitness (mobile apps).
  16. Bon’App – Find out whats in your food. A better calorie counter.
  17. My Food Diary – Online calorie counter, diet journal and exercise log.
  18. Retrofit – Expert-led, data-driven weight loss program. Works with iPad.
  19. NudgeRx – Your recovery assistant. Prevent unplanned hospital readmissions.
  20. Lumosity – Brain games and brain training.

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