100 Ways to Get Fit & Stay Healthy With Tech (It’s Easy)

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Health and fitness are two words that can easily make people cringe. It’s hard to get fit and stay healthy (increasingly so as a person ages), but tech can make it much, much easier (not to mention much more fun).

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As always, we’ve rounded up the best websites, gadgets, apps, startups and services–this time with the goal of keeping you in top form. As we all know, getting motivated to exercise is half the battle. Thats why we’ve included and entire section on ways to get motivated with the help of analytics, friends and incentives. Once you are in the groove, pick through our selections for the top fitness and wellness apps and see how you can use them in conjunction with the 10 fitness and health gadgets we’ve highlighted. Since working out alone is never as fun as working out in a group or with friends, we’ve also got a whole section to help you get social while getting fit. From time to time, people get sick. It’s a fact of life. That’s why we’ve topped this roundup off with the best sites for finding health information, checking symptoms and finding doctors. Taken altogether, this post packs a one-two punch in the form of both fitness and health tech information all in one convenient place. Don’t miss the miscellaneous section where we’ve stored some excellent resources that didn’t quite fit into any of the other categories. Be sure to let us know if we missed anything good!

Random & Cool

  1. Skinnyo – Start or join challenges that make it a little easier to stay healthy.
  2. GymPact – Never miss another workout again.
  3. Simplee – The simple way to track and pay your medical bills.
  4. Cake Health – A free, beautiful and uncomplicated way to manage health care.
  5. GoRecess – Find a workout and book instantly. Pilates, strength, martial arts, dance.
  6. Sickweather – Sickness mapping and forecasting. See what’s in your area.
  7. Gohealth – Need health insurance? Get quotes. It’s that easy.
  8. My Coupon Doc – Online coupon savings on your medications.
  9. RxAnalytics – The science behind sweat. Recognize the drivers of your fitness.
  10. KLUTCHclub

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