100 Wedding Blogs, Apps and Other Tech Resources

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Weddings aren’t really the first thing that come to mind when you think of “tech” but technology really does surround everything these days, including the all-important trip down the aisle. This week we’re serving up some awesome wedding-related websites, apps and more for brides and grooms. I’ve looked at so many wedding resources over the last week that I’ve started inadvertently incorporating the terminology into my conversations. I told my wife just today I was excited about expanding to a brider audience (instead of broader).

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I remember when I got married almost five years ago how big of a deal it was that people could RSVP online. Things have changed a lot in just a few short years. Everything but the wedding event itself seems to be migrating online (except for ordering a cake–I guess those don’t travel too well over long distances). This post is a collection of awesome new resources. I purposefully left out a lot of the big names everyone already knows about (like The Knot) in favor of featuring startups and companies with unique offerings you hopefully haven’t seen or heard of before.

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Random and Cool

  1. Appy Couple – Invitations via apps.
  2. Tailored – Find your bridal style. Personalized wedding recommendations.
  3. The Groom’s List – Groom checklist and wedding responsibilities.
  4. WeddingLovely – Sends you timely to-do’s and easy to manage checklists via email.
  5. Twenty Pages – Magazines for weddings.
  6. Wedzu – Indie and handmade wedding marketplace.
  7. Beau-coup – Favors, party supplies, decorations and gifts.
  8. Listly – Create and share lists (i.e. wedding registry).
  9. FluidTables

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