15 DailyTekk Articles You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

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There’s never a dull week at DailyTekk. Here are the articles you shouldn’t miss (in case you did).


  1. The 5 Best Android Phones You Can Buy NOW (2015)
  2. The 7 Best Ultra-Thin Laptops You Can Buy NOW (2015)
  3. The 7 Best Ways To Find Anyone’s Email Address (Even If Unlisted)
  4. GIF Obsessed: The 40 Best/Coolest GIF Apps, Extensions And “Things”
  5. The 7 Best Smartwatches You Can Buy NOW (2015)
  6. The 5 Best Non-Apple 27-Inch Monitors For Your Mac (Thunderbolt Display Alternatives)


  1. Kitchenbowl Is A New Recipe App That’s TRULY The Best
  2. Audvisor Makes Becoming A Better, More Successful Person A Cinch
  3. Steller: The Best Storytelling App For Sharing (And Collecting) Memories And Knowledge
  4. This App Sends Postcards To Offline Loved Ones—And Could Positively Change Your Life
  5. Teleport Is A New App That Wants Governments To Compete For Citizens


  1. Dapper: The App That Lets Guys Shop Like A Man (Review)
  2. WeMo Smart LED Light Bulbs (Starter Set) Review: You’re Gonna Want These
  3. Halo: Spartan Strike Review—Halo Comes To iOS

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