15 Excellent Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Geneva Sound Systems Model XS
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What matters most to you when it comes to a wireless bluetooth speaker that you can easily take with you when you’re on the go? Is it price? Style and looks? Performance? I have to say that for whatever reason, the reigning king of the category seems to be the Jawbone Jambox. Decent sound quality and a nice price point are great, plus it just looks so good (and multiple styles to choose from is a huge plus). When it comes to performance, however, it’s pretty hard to beat Bose and I’ve heard that the Soundlink sounds a bit nicer than the Jambox (this according to an Apple store employee on one of my many monthly visits). On the low-end of the price spectrum, you’re probably going to be a bit disappointed with the sound quality (I’m looking at you Veho 360), but if you just need something quick and dirty to get the job done then maybe cheap is the way to go (perhaps if you know you’re only going to use it once or twice). Any way you slice it, if you’re looking for a nice bluetooth speaker for your iPhone or Android device, look no further cause I’ve got you covered.

Have you had any experience with any of these speakers or would you recommend something not on this list? There are two other promising portable bluetooth speakers that were just announced at CES 2012 which I did not include on this list since they did not yet have product pages at the time of writing: the Soundfreaq Sound Kick and the ExtremeMac Soma BT (maybe by the time you read this they will be available for purchase).

  1. Jawbone Jambox – $199.99
  2. Geneva Sound Systems Model XS – $249.95
  3. SPAR Zephyr 550 – $160
  4. JBL On Tour IBT – $149.95
  5. Bose SoundLink – $299.95
  6. Supertooth Disco – $169
  7. Logitech Mini Boombox – $99.99
  8. Uniden BTS 200 – $99.99
  9. xqisit xqBeat Box – $170
  10. Devotec Solar Sound 2 – $99.99
  11. Veho 360 – $49.95
  12. Quirky Perch – $N/A
  13. iLuv Mo’Beats $99.99
  14. foxL V2 – $229.99
  15. Creative D100 – $79.99

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  • Very good list. But I am to choose the bose. All the lists I see just do not put the Bose in the first place because of the price. Bose is the best (quality) as the difference in price is no problem for me.

  • Why are the 2 best speakers on the list crossed off?

    And why is the little jambox # 1 being $200… For a little more, the bose soundlink produces 3X the sound (as well as better sound)

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