150 Resources for Tech Startups

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While driving along the other day I had an epiphany as I studied the FedEx logo on the side of a truck as I passed (specifically the cleverly hidden arrow in the negative space that I assume is meant to imply forward progress). I realized that, no matter how well-conceived the logo concept may have been, it’s a bit flawed because, depending on what side of the truck you are on, the arrow can be pointing forward or backward. In a similar fashion it struck me that despite good intentions, an entrepreneur, especially in the tech industry, can find it hard to know what direction to point in order to make forward progress. My hope is that this post, and DailyTekk in general, will be a great resource for tech startups everywhere and a one that will help get them pointed in the right direction.

To that end, I’ve compiled a huge list of tools that I think could be useful to a tech startup, especially those just getting started (at least they are useful to me). From getting inspired to hiring an awesome team to moving out of your garage into a more functional workspace, this post is designed to be a bookmark-able resource (that we’ll keep updated over time) to help you get a good start. While I did include some crowd funding resources, I purposefully left out venture and angel sources because I feel that it’s really about who you know and your own personal network when it comes to raising that kind of capital. Just build a great product and focus on making the right connections. Along those lines, I did include some great tools for  researching and testing your product and pitching your ideas once the time is right.

All said, this list is really just a starting point. There was no way I could roundup every valuable startup resource and include it here (either because I don’t know about everything, the list would have been too long or I just had to be finished at some point). If I did miss something good though, please leave a comment ...

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