20 Cool Science Fiction and Space Posters (2016)

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I’ve been busy researching cool science fiction and space posters as part of a project I’m working on: re-doing one of the walls in DailyTekk’s video studio. The plan is to completely cover an 8×8 ft area with awesome, well-designed space posters. Yep, it’s a theme. And if that’s not a good enough reason for featuring these posters on a tech site, well… space exploration and science fiction alike are both two of the biggest engines for innovation in our modern era.

Now there are several places to buy posters online, but I really hate most of them. One of my favorite online stores, though, is Society6 (which is a great alternative to posters.com and All Posters). I bought an awesome (large) print there that I had framed and it’s hanging in my office right now. Aside from having some of the best designs, you can easily customize items to fit your specific needs (whereas posters on other sites might only come in one size). Plus, these prints are all super-high-quality: gallery quality Giclée prints on natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag, acid and lignin free archival paper using Epson K3 archival inks (and custom trimmed with 1″ border for framing).

I actually put together quite an eclectic mix of sci-fi posters (it took me hours longer than anyone should have spent on a project like this) so I thought I might as well share it with the world in case someone else wanted to do something similar (or at least have a great starting place which they can then further customize on their own). I could see people wanting to deck out their man cave or maybe a movie room, a kids bedroom or a college dorm room with these posters. Maybe even an office?! Maybe not. Whatever your reason for looking, you’re definitely in the right spot for the best (coolest) Star Wars, sci-fi and space posters.

So this group of posters represents a mix of real-world space achievements (think NASA, astronauts, rocket ships, planets and the solar system) and fictional entertainment (think Star Wars, Star Trek and Interstellar). I’m not sure if your taste is anything like mine, but I tend to like bright colors that pop, geometric shapes and artistic stylizations that are a bit outside of the box (things represented in polygons, pixels, etc.).

One other important thing: all of these posters have a 13×18 in option (which is what I happened to be looking for). There were several other DOPE posters that I didn’t add to this list (and won’t be adding to the studio wall) since they weren’t the specific size I was looking for. If you’re feeling adventures, hit up Society6 and search around for “sci-fi” or “space” or “astronaut” or “Star Wars” and see what else is out there. Otherwise, if you’re feeling lazy, I’ve got you covered…

Finally — Society6 holds sales every now and then (today, for instance, you can get 15% off your entire purchase until midnight). And don’t forget to check out coupon sites like RetailMeNot just in case there’s a discount floating around that can save you some money.


I love the reflection in the visor and the American Flag patch on the shoulder of this astronaut. There’s just a little bit of color but otherwise the reflected space in the helmet is the main focal point (since everything else is very light and fades into the background). The drippy paint look just adds a bit of cool stylization to top things off.

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Han Solo

There’s no character like Han Solo. The arrogance, the wit… the clothes (lol). This print is simple and understated and harkens back to the Solo of old that we all know and love. The light background color makes Han stand out and the white text is very readable without being the first thing your eye gets drawn to.

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Whoa! This poster blew me away the second I saw it. I love the different view of the moon it shows (namely, the inside) and the amount of detail from the inside of the slice to the glowing core to the craters on the surface is pretty extraordinary. And then the background isn’t just a solid black which is nice because too much black is… well, too much.

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Death Star

This is the Death Star like you’ve never seen before, hovering, like Pac Man, over Endor with Tie Fighters, X-Wings and, if you look closely, the Millennium Falcon, gliding through the surrounding space. The Pac Man reference is especially clever: it’s clearly going to eat the planet (the Death Star destroys planets, after all) which is just like a dot in Pac Man. Plus, the illustrator’s style is fun and unique and adds a different dimension to what can be an overly familiar Star Wars universe.

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Steam 2

I am loving the polygons and 3D look of this scene: particularly the rocket’s smoke trail and the texture of the planets. This is clearly illustrating an idea — space exploration — rather than a reality (hence the retro-styled rocket), but that’s what makes this print so cool. And it’s great how the artist worked in some colors to keep this universe from looking to stark.

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Not In Kansas Anymore

I like a lot about the visuals in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey — I just don’t care much for the plot. But this scene reminds me a bit of that movie (perhaps an updated version). And the expression of the person in the helmet is familiar: we’ve all been “staring out into space” and wondering, “How did I get here?” Exploring might be lonely, but it’s also a privilege — here’s a guy who gets to see things few others ever will.

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Beyond Imagination

Here we have a collection of “stamps” that feature some of the coolest real and fictional spacecraft in human history. This is actually a nice collection of individual posters all-in-one (if there’s a particular “stamp” that catches your eye, check the artist’s page for a larger version). It’s not everyday you get a poster that mixes Star Wars, Star Trek, NASA, the Russian Space program and Battlestar Galactica — and finds a way to make it work.

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Space Vandal

Here’s an interesting concept: re-imaging the galaxy or universe as a graffiti project. Aside from just looking sick, it’s like this poster is telling you to go make a mark on the universe and do something with your life (am I reading too much into it?). Whatever. Plus, it’s interesting that an artist, perhaps unwittingly, has associated the universe with a creative act… or humans with a destructive act… hmm…

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Planetary Arrangement

When you were in school you probably learned some acronym for memorizing the planets in our solar system (My Very Excellent Mother…). Well I’m sure you forgot all about that by now — and even if you didn’t, it’s cool to see the scope and scale of the planets if for no other reason than to remember just how small Earth really is.

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One Mountain at a Time

Now here’s one that changes up the perspective just a bit. Instead of being set in outer space, it’s a planet looking up to the sky.  I love the shapes and slivers that make up the mountain and the color scheme will work to make my particular poster wall a little less harsh.

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Away Team Incognito

This print is a meeting of pop culture icons: Star Wars and Star Trek. Some nerds might be offended; personally I think it’s pretty interesting (and actually pretty funny). I really like the colors in the shirts and the way they contrast with the white helmets and parts of the wall.

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Humor Down to 75%

And here’s a great poster from Interstellar, one of the better sci-fi films of the last decade. There was always something cool about TARS — it was a completely re-thought robot or droid or Artificial Intelligence and I think this is a great illustration and color choice for Interstellar fans.

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Back in the real world, the Space Shuttle Atlantis represents humanity’s coolest spaceship to-date. While it’s nothing like a Tie Fighter or the Enterprise, the Atlantis was still a beast of a ship and I really like this depiction of it as seen from the top.

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Amalthea – The Sulfur Sands

Amalthea is the 3rd moon of Jupiter (though you’d be forgiven for first thinking Mars since it’s the only red planet most people would know the name of). If you look for a real photo of it, you’ll see that it’s actually got a very weird shape — it’s not a sphere like most planets you are familiar with. I think this is a striking view and the color really smacks you right in the face.

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Planets In Color

This print is completely different in terms of color scheme and style than any of the others listed here. It’s got a sketch-book feel to it that sort of reminds me of the 90’s Nickelodeon era for some reason. There’s really no rhyme or reason to this print (the subject matter is all over the place when you take a closer look) but there are a few Star Wars references scattered throughout… (the Death Star, a Star Destroyer and perhaps the worm that tried to eat the Falcon on some astroid — what else do you see?).

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Atomic Sky

3, 2, 1… liftoff! There’s just something cool about the way the artist shows this rocket blasting off: there’s a lot of force and energy and purpose as you can plainly see. As the shockwaves radiate pushing the rocket further from home the stars get closer and closer… I wouldn’t mind going for a ride!

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Painting the Universe

To a large extent, we humans live in a place we can’t control. But on the other hand, we sort of make for ourselves the immediate world we live in. Whether or not that’s what the artist was trying to say here (and again, it’s interesting that they associate a creative mind with the cosmos), this is a mind-bending illustration that looks fantastic.

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There’s something about sci-fi scenes depicting other futuristic societies… I’m drawn to them. I love, for instance, the art of Star Wars and the big mega-cities therein (like Coruscant). Other examples that come to mind are The Fifth Element and an old PC game called Descent. Topping them all off, though, is the Halo Universe: I really respect the artists that put those environments together. In any case, this print fascinates me along those same lines. There’s a lot of subtly and open space.

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Cloud City Bespin

Bespin is a cool idea: a massive city in the clouds. Too bad it’s mostly associated with betrayal and the loss of Luke’s (you know which Luke) hand getting sliced off. Wouldn’t it be awesome to walk around and explore this city? This print was almost on the verge of being too cartoony for my liking (mostly the clouds), but I like the colors.

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Alright, so I saved one of the best for last. This is a low-resolution style portrait of 3PO that’s super bright in terms of coloring (especially thanks to the deep black background). It looks super artsy and leaves the detail to your imagination — but you still immediately know what’s up.

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