2015 Threadless Review: Super Creative T-Shirts (But Avoid This Mistake)

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Update June 29, 2015: Be sure to check the comments. Threadless has really great, proactive customer service!

Everyone needs at least a few great t-shirts in their wardrobe. That’s because they are a style staple. They are versatile, a cinch to wear and let us easily express who we are. But finding t-shirts with cool designs that are made out of high-quality materials can be surprisingly hard. But there’s one place where finding awesome t-shirts is like shooting fish in a barrel (although there is one thing you need to know before placing an order).

And that place is, of course, Threadless, the online t-shirt store and community that has been around since the year 2000! Yes, that’s right, I’m writing a review fifteen years after the fact. But why not? If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering whether or not the site is worth ordering from. Read on to hear about my experience and to get my recommendation.

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I can’t remember when I first encountered Threadless, but I can remember that ever since I discovered the store I’ve wanted to try it out. And that’s been many years ago — a decade for all I know. But even without making a single purchase from Threadless all these years (I finally got my hands on some Threadless shirts just this year), I’ve held the site in high regard for one big reason: creativity.

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I’m a designer by trade (it’s what I studied in college). So I fancy myself as having good taste (although doesn’t everyone) when it comes to graphic design and other artistic endeavors. And I’m completely blown away by the level of talent being showcased on Threadless. I see these incredibly original and imaginative shirt graphics and I want them on me. Sometimes edgy, sometimes poetic, the shirts I see on Threadless represent and reinforce, by and large, my own sense of boldness, playfulness and creativity. I am disappointed by a few shirts that make light of Jesus, but I don’t have to buy them.

Does Threadless cater to the Hipster? Absolutely. Nothing wrong with that.

I’m also drawn to the sheer assortment of interesting t-shirts available for purchase on Threadless. When it comes to clothes, and especially to t-shirts, I crave variety as much as I yearn for creativity. In this department, Threadless definitely has ...

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