21 Cool Instagram Apps and Services You’ll Wonder How You Lived Without

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I’ve got a question for you: do you even Instagram bro? With that out of the way, make sure to check out the top 100 Instagram accounts of 2015 before indulging on the awesome Instagram apps below. Whether you’re wondering how to save Instagram photos from other users, how to manage multiple Instagram account on your iPhone, where to find the best Instagram users to follow, how to schedule Instagram posts for later or are just looking for fun new ways to make Instagram awesome, you’re reading the right article. And don’t forget to check out Instagram’s in-house apps: Boomerang, Layout and Hyperlapse! Also, you might be interested in The 15 Best New Twitter Tools for Personal and Business Use Heading into 2016.

Discover the Best Instagram Accounts & Photos

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  1. Somewhere – Discover random places on Instagram. Very cool pics.
  2. Huntgram – Find the pics you want to see; filter out what you don’t.
  3. Follow Friday – This app helps you easily share great Instagram accounts.

Random / Fun / Useful Instagram Apps

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  1. TagsDock – The fastest, easiest, most efficient way to tag your Instagram posts.
  2. Innbox – Easily manage multiple Instagram accounts and repost.
  3. Me + You – See where your life intersects with your followers.

Save Instagram Photos

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  1. Likes – Save liked Instagram photos. No ads. Gives photographers credit.
  2. PICBOX – Automatically save Instagram likes (photos and videos) to Dropbox.
  3. InstaSave – Download Instagram photos to your Android device.

Schedule Instagram Posts

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  1. Latergram.me – Schedule and mange your Instagram posts.
  2. Planogr.am – Visual planner and scheduler for Instagram.
  3. Timeagram – Schedule your posts to Instagram from any device.

Instagram Apps for Brands & Businesses

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  1. Minter – Professional account and hashtag Instagram analytics.
  2. StatShot – Instagram stats delivered to your inbox.
  3. SocialRank – Find and analyze your Instagram (and Twitter) followers.

Instagram Mac Apps

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  1. Flume – A beautiful Instagram experience for Mac, Safari, Chrome.
  2. Up – Upload photos to Instagram from your Mac.
  3. Photoflow – A native Mac app for Instagram.

Instagram Posters

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  1. Postercat – Create a poster of your most popular Instagram photos in 1 minute.
  2. My Year Printed – Have your Instagram year on a poster.
  3. Social Print Studio – Select between 50-200 Instagram pics for a poster.

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