3 Amazing Robots for Your Home

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Though they have been available for many years now, it wasn’t until recently that I became a robot owner. More specifically, an owner of robots that do things around my house.

It’s one thing I wish I would have gotten around to earlier in life: owning robots. They are so amazing. They literally do things like clean—things I hate doing—for free (well, without wages or allowance). And without complaining.

Okay, a little complaining if you count the beeps from my vacuum that it needs it’s filter changed or that it has gotten stuck somewhere and needs some help getting unstuck.

But those are very minor annoyances. The tradeoffs are magnificent. I love these crazy robots almost as if they were members of the family (ok, not quite, but I love them in the way you love an object, rather than a person).

Neato Botvac BV-80 Vacuum

This little vacuum is my favorite (robot, and vacuum). It literally cleans better than my normal vacuum—it picked up TONS of stuff my regular vacuum missed just minutes before. Buy

Litter Robot

If you own cats, first get a Neato Botvac for dealing with their hair everywhere, then get a Litter Robot. It does all the scooping for you in a rather ingenious way. Buy


The Braava is a sweeper/mopper. It doesn’t do full-on vacuuming, but for hard surfaces (like wood, tile or linoleum, it’s amazing and handy). Oh ya, it’s also very, very quiet. Buy

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