3 Awesome (New) Ways to Learn How to Code

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On the verge of 2016 there are officially a lot of ways to learn how to code. I’ve covered several already here on DailyTekk (which are absolutely worth checking out) on previous posts like 7 Easy Ways to Learn Coding and Computer Science (from 2012) and The 10 Best Ways to Teach Kids to Code (from 2014). But coding resources are being added so quickly that it’s already time for an update. And if you’re a super-beginner, make sure to check out our coding primer What is Coding? 15 Facts for Beginners. That said, let’s go!

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Code4Startup – Code Real-World Startup Projects

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What if you could learn to code by creating real life startup projects? That’s what Code4Startup is all about. Get practical, useful experience by duplicating real-world startups like AirBnb, TaskRabbit, Udemy and more. Why is this an awesome approach to learning how to code? Think about it: if you want to get a job at a hot startup, it would be incredibly useful to have coded up a similar project!

Code School – Learn to Code on an iPhone!

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There are definitely some excellent ways to learn how to be a programmer in a desktop browser but what about when you’re on the go? That’s where Code School’s iPhone app comes in. With this app you can learn learn languages like Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and even how to code for iOS. Plus, with everyone focused on creating mobile experiences first, it kind of makes sense to start your entire coding career on a mobile device.

CodeMonkey – Learn Coding by Playing a Game

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Well maybe the various code teaching options you’ve encountered so far just aren’t a good fit for you. In that case, why not check out CodeMonkey, a game that teaches you to code! The premise is simple: give a monkey instructions in order to collect bananas. What you’ll find are intuitive, bit-sized lessons that can help you advance from beginner to advanced. Plus, teachers can use CodeMonkey to teach coding in their classrooms. And, once you mastered coding yourself, you can create tutorials for others to check out.

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